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Best Antiinflammatory topical cream on market?

Posted by John Martello on 5/25/04 at 19:07 (151251)

I have tried ibucream with loiitle success and i was wondering if anyone has had success with any other topical creams on the market for tenosynovits or tts? Thanks

Re: Best Antiinflammatory topical cream on market?

john h on 5/26/04 at 10:41 (151286)

John: I have tried so many topical creams over the past nine years I have lost count. None (in my opinion) will cure your problem. Some might make your foot feel better for a few minutes but my guess even then that the massage you do on your foot while putting the cream on is more beneficial than the cream, ointment, or liquid. In the long run I think we are wasting our money although using some sort of cream to perform a massage makes some sense. I would be embarrassed to name some of the concoctions I have tried. Emu Oil now that is a good one. Some sort of Australian Witch oil now that was really swell. Most creams generally make the area hot or cold to mask some pain you are feeling but claim much more. Something I have not tried that might have some benefit is to place your foot in one of those vats filled with hot wax. Arthritis patiennts often use these for their hands. You dip your foot into a hot vat of melted wax and then remove it. It dries almost immediatel but holds the heat on your entire foot for perhaps 30 minutes after which you simply crumble the hardened wax back into the vat.

Re: Best Antiinflammatory topical cream on market?

Kathy G on 5/29/04 at 10:10 (151530)

A recent article I read about arthritis said that any of these creams do very little to warm underlying tissue and only give an illusion of warmth to the surface of the skin.

I think if you find heat works, just using the old fashioned heating pad or soaking your feet in warm water would work better and save you money.

I know I sometimes use a non-aspirin rub on my elbows when my arthritis is particularly bad. It gives me a half hour of relief and I honestly think that just rubbing it in probably causes the blood to come to the surface and that's what really gives the temporary reprieve. I won't buy a second tube when this one's gone.