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Curious about your experiences with casting orthotics

Posted by Elyse B on 5/26/04 at 07:25 (151267)

I am just curious about everyone's experience with the casting of their orthotics by their podiatrist and/or pedorthist. If you have read my posts, I was unhappy with my podiatrist. I came into his office, he watched me walk, had me lie on the table and casted my feet (wth a plaster substance) facing downward. That is all he did, no measurements, nothing.

I went to a pedorthist to see about the same experience and he spent over 1 hour with me. Tooh at least 6 or 7 different measurements, had me stand, lift my knee, walk, point my toes etc. Then he put my feet in boxes to cast them, then he took my feet out and wrote on them with a pen for more measurements that would show up in the casting material, he did that on both feet. Then he actually molded the boxes with the casting material with his fingers to match up to the measurements.

Big difference. So I am interested in everyone else's experiences.

Re: Curious about your experiences with casting orthotics

Jamie on 5/26/04 at 11:27 (151295)

Saw my podritrist and basically i got the same treatment as you. The orthotics she made for me really didnt even fit at all. There was not nearly enough arch supprt in them. I then went and saw 'RichardCPed.' and he did every thing the podiatrist did not. He took measurements, had me stand up, raise each leg upand all kinds of other things that i had no idea what it was for but he said it was necessary to make a good pair of orthotics. I picked them up the next day and have never taken them off since. They are the best most comfortable and well fitted orthotics i have ever worn and i see no reason to put those other pieces of crap back on that my podiatrist had made for me that took 3 weeks to get. Richard if you read this email me. I havent heard any updates on the insurance situation and was wondering what you found out when you called them. Thanks.

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Re: Curious about your experiences with casting orthotics

lauriel on 5/26/04 at 16:28 (151331)

well, I was told to walk and that was aobut it, thenIlaid on the table and got casted. Elyse, you didnt stand in the mold did you? they say that is a no-no that you should be sitting down. I did my first orhtodics that way and they are collecting dust, they are so big they barley fit in my tennis shoes, what was he thinking.

Jamie glad to hear yours are working out


Re: Curious about your experiences with casting orthotics

Elyse B on 5/27/04 at 07:37 (151359)

the first time I was lying on the table with the podiatrist and with the pedorthist I was sitting and put my feet in casts. I feel that the pedorthist did a much more thorough job casting than the podiatrist. Who knows, everyone on this board has many opinions about orthotics, I hope they help.

Re: Curious about your experiences with casting orthotics

Rob S. on 5/27/04 at 20:03 (151417)

Hi, I did the same as you saw podiatrist and/or pedorthist.

The Pedorthist did a great job for me made my orthotics from cad-cam and made them on CNC machine that better than the podiatrist did for me with the casting of my foot.
I notice a big different......from the pedorthist.

Re: Curious about your experiences with casting orthotics

Ed Davis, DPM on 5/27/04 at 22:10 (151436)

Podiatrists have a lot of training in biomechanics of the foot and have the capability to do very well with orthotics. Many have decided that surgery is what is really important and have let there skills in concervative modalities atrophy. Sort of a shame. I enjoy surgery a lot but feel that most things can and should be treated conservatively. If every pracitioner simply thought of themselves as the patient and ask how they would want to be treated, they may change their emphasis.

Re: Pedorthist recommendations in Manhattan?

Louise on 6/05/04 at 15:09 (152113)

I've used a large shoe store with Pedorthists, called Eneslow. But lately I've not been happy and I now have tarsal tunnel which is complicating things. My new orthotics don't work.

I'm wondering if people here can recommend any pedorthist in Manhattan?



Re: Pedorthist recommendations in Manhattan?

Elyse B on 6/11/04 at 15:06 (152769)

yes Jeffrey S Rich, 515 Madison Avenue, Suite 730, 832-1648, fantastic, 10 times better than the podiatrist I went to. You will be happy with him.

Re: Pedorthist recommendations in Manhattan?

Connie A. on 7/14/04 at 21:41 (155470)

Any recommendations for pedorthists on the other coast, in the San Francisco Bay Area (East Bay preferably)..

Many thanks!