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Night Splints/Atypical PF

Posted by Elyse B on 5/26/04 at 09:07 (151275)

I believe I have the atypical PF, no morning paining, just a throbbing in my arches and I would say 85% in my calf muscles. I have read the posts on night splints and have a few questions.

(1) Will the night splints be good for atypical PF with no morning pain?

(2) Do the night splints stretch your calf muscles while sleeping?

(3) Can they cause any harm?

Thanks, Elyse

Re: Night Splints/Atypical PF

Pam S. on 5/26/04 at 09:39 (151280)

I have your same symptoms, arch pain but no first morning heel pain. I did use the night splint and I did think it helped a bit. I does gently stretch the calf muscles and the fascia. The night splint certainly does no harm at all. You just have to get used to sleeping with it. It takes time to get results like everything else...time.

For my calves, the Step Stretch from Foot Smart Catalog has really been the most helpful. Foot Smart toll free ph is 800-870-7149. This stepper comes with directions and I stretch each calf for 2 minutes without fail every day, sometimes more. Very important. Also in that catalog I have found a little band called an Arch Sleeve I wear on my feet around the arch (sort of like taping only easier) and that has helped me lately. Keeping in mind I am also getting PT (ionto and massage once a week which has helped also.) Hope this helps. Pam

Re: Night Splints/Atypical PF

Pam S. on 5/26/04 at 10:18 (151285)

Oops! I am not a doctor...did not notice where you posted this!

Re: Night Splints/Atypical PF

Elyse B on 5/26/04 at 11:16 (151294)

thanks Pam. I will think about ordering the night splints. I have the Pro Stretch. There seems to be some discrepancy on whether one should do passive or weight bearing stretches for the calf muscles and they say the pro stretch is a weight bearing stretcher. I am wearing the Arch+Aid which sound like the Arch Sleeve, like an ace bandage around the arches. I am not getting PT, trying to do this on my own.

Re: Night Splints/Atypical PF

Ed Davis, DPM on 5/26/04 at 13:44 (151317)

The benefit from the night split will be less dramatic in the short term but equally effective in the long term. There is no downside to use of the night splint beyond comfort issues, ie. a hard one can be uncomforatble and keep you awake.