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Pain on innerside side of heel

Posted by Millie M on 5/26/04 at 09:08 (151277)

Dear Dr.
In Dec. of last year I stepped in unknown object in my heel, there was blood on my heel,but I could not see anything. I had a lot of pain, thought it would go away after a couple days. I finaly went to the foot Dr.The foot Dr.treated me for plantar facitis even though my heel did not hurt me before, and the pain is just a little in from the outer edge of the heel, nowhere near the center. The pain is still unbearable and sometimes a burning pain, it feels like I am walking on a lump the size of a pea.This is May, I have been treated with taping, removable boot,shoe without a heel,ultra sound,ultraviolet,
and some kind of electricity pads,and orthotics, all of which did not help,pain perscription caused my colon to bleed.The inside of orthotics and boot have raised sides and puts pressure on that spot and causes more pain.The ultraviolet therapy when applied over lump feeling caused stinging pain that about sent me to the ceiling.I have had an x-ray and MRI it showed nothing in the heel except an inflamed area,blood tests showed an infection which I had two perscriptions of antibiotics for.After about 6 weeks of steping in foreign object,I ended up in the emergency room,the pain was so bad and I had 3 red strips jagered about1 1/2 to 2 in. wide (not streaks) going up my ankle about 6 in.high. straight up from heel area.that is when I was put on antibiotics and had an MRI.The foot Dr. has suggested cortisone shots injected into my heel, but I have diabetes and I am afaid that will be a problem.Also I think it will just mask it not fix it and cause my sugar to go up.My Foot Dr.now thinks the Baxter nerve may be entrapped.The pain is so bad I can hardly stand it,the bedsheet at night laying and rubbing against my heel on that spot makes it hurt, sometimes it is worse than others,when it is real bad my leg even hurts (95% of the time it's bad).

Re: Pain on innerside side of heel

BrianJ on 5/26/04 at 14:13 (151323)

Would suggest going to an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in foot/ankle. You may need more X-rays (weightbearing and from different angles). I would be reluctant to have cortizone injection or any surgery until you have a better diagnosis. Yes, Baxter's neuritis is theoretically possible, but it's unlikely.

Until you can see the doctor, I'd suggest you ice and elevate your foot to control the pain.

P.S. -- I'm not a doctor, but I hope this helps.

Re: Pain on innerside side of heel

Millie M on 5/27/04 at 08:43 (151364)

Thanks Brian,
I looked up Baxter Neuritis and the description with the burning and pain did fit.The lump I feel and pain I feel when stepping on that foot is awful and has me frustrated. I noticed this morning I walk on the outer edge of the ball of my foot to avoid that spot, which in turn puts strain on my arch. The area in front of the lump feeling is swollen.This lump feeling is like walking on a stone all day. I am going to give it another shot of going back to the foot and ankle Dr. I took ibprophene last night, did not help, I still woke up during the night with burning pain.I do not want to go to an orthopedic Dr. our foot and ankle insurance pays only certain Dr.'s they have on there list, and our health insurance pays above ankle. We have a separate foot and ankle insurance,and health insurance through my husband's work.It is a headache to get payment from them as it is.