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Mayo Clinic of Feet

Posted by Darlene on 5/27/04 at 16:31 (151403)

The comments about the Mayo Clinic were very interesting. It seems that in the world of feet it's hard to know where to go. Does anyone have information about the highest standards or personal favourites?

Re: Mayo Clinic of Feet

Ed Davis, DPM on 5/27/04 at 20:43 (151425)

I don't know of a particular institution with fame in the treatment of foot problems. It is an area where specific individuals have good reputations. Let me know where you live and I may be able to drop some names.

Re: Mayo Clinic of Feet

Dorothy on 5/27/04 at 20:52 (151428)

This doesn't really tell us much but for what's worth:

Re: Mayo Clinic of Feet

Ed Davis,DPM on 5/28/04 at 00:58 (151447)

It is interestig information. I use St. Joseph Hospital in Tacoma, listed as one of the top hundred hopitals in the US but it would give one little info. about choosing me as their provider.

Re: Canada

Darlene on 5/28/04 at 07:07 (151453)

I live in Toronto, Canada.

Re: Canada

chrisb on 5/28/04 at 12:37 (151483)

Darlene I'm also Canadian, not in Toronto but I've heard of several good orthopods there. Drs Daniels & Lau. Of course this is just anecdotal. Waiting lists are another matter.

Re: Mayo Clinic of Feet

andy h on 5/31/04 at 22:29 (151666)

Hopefully you have read my experience at the Mayo Clinic ... see other thread which I posted earlier

Andy H

Re: Mayo Clinic of Feet

Steve M on 6/07/04 at 15:55 (152264)

I have two heel speers both on the bak of the heel. This has been going on for four years with different treatments such as physical therapy and different medications and exercise which makes it worse. What is the surgery procedure? That seems to be my only course of action.