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Dorothy on Hives

Posted by Dorothy on 5/27/04 at 16:35 (151404)

Dear Folks ~ Because I besieged you all with my awful Hives Episode and Anxiety, I will give you an update. Today I took the last of the six-day 'dosepak' of the methylprednisolone (generic of Predinisone/Medrol). The hives are much better with swelling around eye gone. The hives are not, however, gone and I thought I spied a new patch today that I am keeping an eye on (now that I have two fully open ones!) Now I will worry about resurgence in the absence of the steroid - which I have no intention of taking again, even though the side affects have not been apparent to me (a little hip soreness, but I think that might be in my head - I know, the anatomy is confusing there!)... Anyway, I am beyond hoping they do not reemerge in force and am trying to figure out what to do if they do. I have learned that I need to get my anxiety levels under better control, whether cause or effect. On the positive side of the steroids, I did not have the euphoria or other noticeable mood swings - but I do think that I felt an emotional boost from it - not euphoria, but happy. So what I want to know is this: are there any natural ways to get that 'steroid' affect without the adverse side affects??
Well, thanks much you good people. If the Hives return, I will not resume being a boor about them, as I know I have been - on the FOOT site yet! My best to you all~

Re: Dorothy on Hives

Ed Davis, DPM on 5/27/04 at 20:25 (151418)

Glad to see that you got the Medrol. The mood effect is a bit variable with this. Probably, the closest way to recreate the 'effect' is with aerobic exercise. It is possible to take another dosepack if needed. What triggered the allergic reaction/hives in the first place?

Re: Dorothy on Hives

Dorothy on 5/27/04 at 20:42 (151424)

Thank you for the thought -

Oh, yes, aerobic exercise; aye, there's the rub (feet and all...). But I think you are probably correct that vigorous exercise is the best way to create one's own 'steroids'.

How are you doing with your own previously referred to weight loss efforts?

No intention to pry, but you mentioned at one point, so have wondered - how is your wife doing with regard to her back problems?

As to the hives cause: unknown as of yet. I have compiled a list of possibilities because within a fairly recent, compressed period of time, there have been several, running the gamut from increased intake of strawberries, increased stress/emotional events, and a variety of other good possibilities. I hope the hives leave completely and never visit me again - but I got a new book (I always get a new book. It is my way.) called Hives by Dr. David Wanderer. It looks good. I don't, but better than last week (both eyes open anyway.)

Re: Dorothy on Hives

john h on 5/27/04 at 21:53 (151434)

Medrol dose pack was the one drug i took that helped both back and feet. Only did it once as I knew I was limited on this drug.

Re: Dorothy on Hives

Ed Davis, DPM on 5/27/04 at 22:03 (151435)


I started at 220 lb. and went down to 190 and have stood stable there. Sort of my own diet ideas. Up the protein, go way down on refined carbs, sugar and saturated fats. Most importantly, replace 'bad' fats with 'good' fats. If I has a protein shake for lunch, I would be hungry in an hour but if I added about 3 to 4 grams of fish oil )omega-3 or combo of fish oil plus flax seed oil, it would hold me to dinner. Then a reasonable dinner of moderate proportions and no snacks after dinner. I have increased my food intake and am just trying to stay stable at 190. My real goal was cholesterol reduction first but the weight loss came as a side effect of that. My intuition is that the problem with too many diets is insufficient fat intake -- on needs fat for energy and satiation.

My wife is steadily recovering. She has residual nerve damage to the S1 nerve root which causes pain and tingling and will probably take months to clear up. The thing that has helped a lot is an inversion table that I bought her (but really enjoy a lot myself). It is a good way to decompress discs.

Hives usually imply a fairly significant allergic reaction but as you mentioned, a combination of factors can also be the culprit. If they return, alergy testing may be in order. One natural thing to try is Quercetin which acts as a natural antihistamine without the sie effects of that type of drugs. For some reason I seem to have much less environmental allergies than when I was younger but found that a good dose of Quercetin, about 2000 mg. would clear up nasal allergies. I had a patient with pressure hives, that is, hives that occurred anywhere there was too much pressure on his body (something that will probalby be mentioned in the book) and had him try Quercetin, 2000 mg. per day with clearing and no side effects -- it is harmless.

Re: Dorothy on Hives

Dorothy on 5/27/04 at 23:12 (151440)

Yes, I've been taking Quercetin - I did anyway for sinus issues, but upped it a bit with the hives.
Thanks for the info.
I hope your wife continues to make good progress; back pain is truly awful. I think those inversion tables look fun, but kind of scarey - always worried I wouldn't be able to get back upright. (kidding.)
Congratulations on the weight loss - 30# is quite an accomplishement and will undoubtedly have many health benefits. Now that I'm off the prednisone, I've been doing some reading on fasting and am considering beginning a fasting program. I'm very excited and optimistic about it. I've been reading Fasting and Eating for Health (approx. of title) by Joel Fuhrman, M.D. and Fasting for Health (title approx.) (by the Braggs)(endorsed by Clint Eastwood - hey, now....)and some other works. Still learning and thinking about it - am interested in it for its positive impact on body health, not for weight loss. This hives episode - and some other issues - make me think it might be a good thing to try for a while. Plus, there are all the fascinating studies on calorie restriction and longevity (Waldron/Waldon (sp.) et al)that are very intriguing. Big Problem: I love to cook, am pretty good at it, enjoy eating - am very good at it.

Re: Dorothy on Hives

Ed Davis,DPM on 5/28/04 at 00:48 (151443)


There defintely appears to be some interseting information on calorie restriction.

One of the concepts to consider is the diet of very early man when we were hunter-gatherers. No atherosclerosis existed at that time but it did exist when the Egyptian mummies were dissected. Apparently the processing of carbohydrates was a negative. Lean meats and low glycemic index vegaetables were okay. Our diestive tract implies that we are omnivores, eating a combo of lean meats and vegetables. Refined carbs, sugar- particularly in the quantities we consume and domesticated meats are questionable dietary products.

Re: Dorothy on Hives

john h on 5/28/04 at 11:18 (151473)

Ed: I had an inversion table about 10 years ago for my back. I had it in the garage. In the summer when the garage door was open my neighbors said I looked like a bat hanging supside down. My table was very sturdy and I had inversion boots with hooks on them. I would stand on the table which was tilted into the upright position and hook my boots to a bar and then with just the slightest of movements I could completely control my tilt until I was hanging supside down.

There is a spine clinc that recently opened next door to my office. It is run by mostly retired Orthopedic Surgeons. Their program last two weeks with a one hour session every day. You lay on a table and they have a very substantial harness which attaches to your hips. You use your hands to grasp some bars with your arms outstretched. A computer operates a machine that stretches your back and pulls the disc apart for approximately 45 minutes. It alternates on and off and over the two weeks progressively pulls more. After each treatment you have heat placed on your back with a thearapist doing some massage. There are about 15 or so of these clinics which started in Dallas. They do require an MRI before treatment to see if you are a candidate. Also very expensive. I have not tried it but one of the Doctors who works there is a Doctor who operated on my back 23 years ago. He is now retired and said he works there about 3 days a week and was about to go through the procedure himself as he has a bad back. I need to call him up and see what happened.

Re: Dorothy on Hives

Dorothy on 5/28/04 at 12:04 (151477)

You are a veritable storehouse of fascinating information, John! I recall your mentioning this - you referred to a specific name for the procedure -'V' something as I recall -
Well, once again, I will be interested to read what you find out from the doctor if you get to ask him about his experience...

The other question is - did you like your inversion table and did you think it was helpful for what you were using it for? If you stopped using it, care to say why you did? I've always thought they looked like a really fun home version of an amusement park ride!

Sign me,

Re: Dorothy on Hives

Ed Davis, DPM on 5/28/04 at 15:00 (151496)

Dorothy and John:
I wonder if John is referring to the Vax-D system? I will look for a link.

Re: Vax-D

Ed Davis, DPM on 5/28/04 at 15:03 (151497)

The link:

Re: Dorothy on Hives

john h on 5/29/04 at 10:50 (151534)

Yes John is referring to the VAX D treatment. They moved into a facility next to my office about a year ago. I want to talk to someone who has been really helped by this treatment. One of the Orthopedic surgeons who works there is a friend and he looked at my MRI and said he did not know if it would help as he had not had much experience with the treatment as of yet. He sent the MRI to the main man in Dallas who later said my condition was treatable with this procedure.

Re: Dorothy on Hives

john h on 5/29/04 at 10:54 (151536)

Dorothy I had the inversion table for about two years. I did enjoy acting like a bat but unfortunately it did not help my back. I sold it and there were many buyers eager to purchase it. I wish I had those big inversion boots with the hooks on the back. Might help PF. Who knows? Yes you can also drink water while hanging upsdide down.

Re: Dorothy on Hives

Dorothy on 5/29/04 at 11:13 (151541)

John! Wouldn't it be great if this were a good treatment for you - and right next door!!