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painful heel

Posted by sharon h on 5/27/04 at 18:45 (151409)

I started going to curves and exercising 3 -4 times a week. I am a walker so am not foreign to exercise. After a month or so I started having excruciating pain in my one heel. When I get up in the morning, or at anytim after sitting for a long period I am in pain. One thing that we do at curves is jog, jump or whatever we want to keep active on the restiing boards, which is between the machines. I did buy Dr. Scholl inserts for my sneakers and wear them when I exercise, but especially after I have exercised I have a lot of pain in the evening. Do you have any suggestions, and is this something I should stop doing (the exercises)?

Re: painful heel

Dr. Z on 5/27/04 at 18:48 (151411)


You are the 50th person that I have seen with heel pain after starting to work out at curves They must really give you the real deal workout. Stop with any high impact excercises. How are your shoes?. You should really see a podiatrist to see if a simple local steriod or taping can help you . Read about taping in the heel pain book. Maybe you can start this treatment at home

Re: painful heel

Dean on 6/08/04 at 14:06 (152420)

Make my wife the 51st person who has ruined her feet by going to 'Curves'. She also has painful heel spur syndrome with little relief after 6 months of treatment and rest.
I firmly believe that the problem is with the 2 minutes of 'running in place' that they force you to do between machine excercises. Running in place is apparently a dangerous activity to do often. Any comments?
Perhaps we should start a class-action suit against Curves for Women!!
If you know anyone who is going to Curves tell them to NEVER run in place as they instruct you to.

Re: painful heel

Dorothy on 6/08/04 at 14:42 (152433)

Well, I never have been to 'Curves' and would guess that most people here have not been to 'Curves' - yet if you read here, you know how many people here, in professional sports, in professional dance, ordinary runners/walkers/hikers, people who stand on their feet at their jobs, people who are sedentary at their jobs....etc etc etc etc.....who develop foot and ankle problems; the thin and the fat, the young and the old, the fit and unfit, male and female, flexible and not flexible,all around the world. We all have our theories - or hard knowledge - as to the origins of our own particular condition(s) and your wife's experience at 'Curves' may have been the precipitating event, or may have been the culminating event. Whatever the cause, I am sorry that she is hurting - and you are obviously concerned about her. If you and/or she are new to this site, I hope you find helpful information here.

Re: painful heel

Lori S. on 6/11/04 at 21:29 (152794)

I had to stop Curves.... if I wanted to walk after 5 pm...... it too is also when my pf/heel pain started.... hmmmm