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Healing and the Mind

Posted by Arizona on 5/28/04 at 09:10 (151462)

'No doubt a man is very often himself the cause of the disorder of this physical mechanism. It is this disorder which he calls illness, whether it is physical or mental. Sometimes it is his neglect, sometimes an unbalanced ondition of his mind or body which causes it; sometimes conditions around him cause an illness. Nevertheless, to have a yielding attitude towards illness is not the right thing. No doubt it is a good thing to look upon the illness of which one has been cured as having been a trial, a test, an ordeal through which one was passing and which one has left behind; thinking that it was for the better, that one is now purified, that one has learned a lesson from it, that one has become more thoughtful and considerate towards oneself and others by an experience like this. To think, 'What I am going through it something that I mujst continually bear', is not the right attitude. The attitude should be, 'No, this is not my portion in life. I will not have it, I must not have it. I must rise above it, I must forget it. I must do everything in my power to overcome it, by a thought, by a feeling, by a belief, by a good action, by progress, by a conception, by healing, by whatever method.' There must be no limitation.
'Sometimes a person says, 'I believe only in healing, I will not touch medicine, it is material'; that is wrong also. Sometimes a person says, 'I only believe in medicine, I have no faith in healing'; that is wrong, too. To grow towards perfect health, to bring about a cure, one must heal oneself from morning till evening. One should think, 'Every ray of the sun cures me, the air heals me; the food I take has an effect upon me; with every breath I inhale something which is healing, purifying, bringing me to perfect health.' With a hopeful attitude towards a cure, towards health, towards a perfect life, a person rises above disorders which are nothing but inharmonious conditions of mind or body, and makes himself more fit to accomplish his [or her] life's purpose.
'It is not selfish to think about one's health. No doubt it is undesirable to be thinking about one's illness all the time, to worry about it, or to be too anxious about it; but to care about one's health is the most religious thing there is, because it is the health of body and mind that enables one to do service to God and to one's fellow-men [and fellow-women], by which one accomplishes one's life purpose. One should think, 'I come from a perfect source and I am bound for a perfect goal. The light of the perfect Being is kindled in my soul. I live, move, and have my being in God; and nothing in the world, of the past or present, has power to touch me if i rise above it all.' It is this thought which will make one rise above influences of inharmony and disorder, and will bring a person to the enjoyment of the greatest bliss in life, which is health.'' (Khan, H.I. (1961, 1978). HEALING AND THE MIND WORLD: THE SUFI MESSAGE OF HAZRAT INAYAT KHAN (VOL. 4). Barry and Rockliff Publishing, pp. 47-48.) (*Note: Khan, a Sufi mystic, originally wrote this and other volumes around the year 1912.)