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Just when it couldnt get worse

Posted by stella on 5/28/04 at 14:18 (151493)

Well everyone should know me and i havent posted in a few months. I still can not put much weight on my foot its been over a year since my tts release. I am still on lots of meds. And i have been seeing a chiropractor hopin that helps but not much relief foot is still numb and swelling. To top that off i still can not get help through public aid and the hospital still wont treat me due to non payment. And my bf left me last week after 2 1/2 yrs .. and said that he cant take care of me anymore he does it all and i do nothing! I should get a job LOL.. i told him id like to but i cant even walk!! i swear some people just dont get it thanks for listening!

Re: Just when it couldnt get worse

Dorothy on 5/29/04 at 00:22 (151518)

Stella ~ I'm really very sorry to hear this. Unfortuntely, it happens a lot that an illness or disability is more than the partner can handle - for lots of different reasons. Do you have other people in your life right now - you have mentioned your mother before so is she still near by? How about friends or other relatives? Your situation seems very difficult - how are you coping right now? Well, I hope you are hanging in there and things will get brighter for you. I'm sorry that you're having this new situation to deal with.

Re: Just when it couldnt get worse

Terri on 5/29/04 at 09:32 (151527)

Stella, have you been able to apply for SS Disability? I don't know how old you are or your prior work history before the TTS developed and that of course will determine if you can even draw anything.

Any chance you can get a scooter or a wheelchair? Many places can supply them for people who can't afford them either for free or at a reduced rate. You could contact the local MS chapter in your area and inquire if this is a possibility and if they can't assist maybe they could point you to another service.

Once you get mobile the job hunting will get easier. My ex finally got a scooter and once he did the whole world opened up for him. He's now working part-time for SS of all things.

It never fails to amaze me of the things people with severe limitations are capable of doing. I saw a program on Discovery Health about children with this brittle bone disease, every time they move wrong a bone will break. The focus of the show was on a young man, probably in his late 20's now, severely disfigured with this disease yet he has managed to start his own company via the internet plus he's a motivational speaker and lectures nationwide. All this from a fellow who can't even take a shower unless he's lifted in and out.

Keep a positive attitude! I know it gets hard at times, but like my mama always tells me 'If you look hard enough, you'll find somebody worse off than you are and they're doing fine!'. And she's right.

We can't allow TTS or other's opinions to define us or to limit us to all the possibilities out there. Take ownership of all your experiences, mistakes and victories. Learn from them; use them as tools to take you where you want to be. The end of a relationship is hard, no matter what the cause of it, but you can get through this too. Keep your chin up and your heart open.

Re: Just when it couldnt get worse

stella on 5/29/04 at 15:39 (151566)

yes i have applied for disablity but i have been denied over and over just like public aid it is a no win situation there i have been trying for a year and half now !! they wont help me ! I have appealed every decision they gave me ... I know to keep positive it is just hard to do. When u are use to something for so long and now nothing. I do have a wheelchair but no scooted too much money the wheelchair was given to me by the place i was renting it !! :) that was very nice of him. Other then that i will try and keep my chin up

Re: Just when it couldnt get worse

marie on 6/02/04 at 19:50 (151839)

Terri...that was such a thoughtful response.

Stella we all care about you here. Iknow you have had many setbacks and it's been very tough since your surgery. Have you had any improvement?