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Best orthotics for TTS?

Posted by John Martello on 5/28/04 at 18:09 (151508)

What specific orthotic have people used for TTS ansd had success to releive the pain? Soft, Rigid, hard? any alterations?

Re: Best orthotics for TTS?

wendyn on 5/28/04 at 22:47 (151516)

John, interestingly enough (at least to me) many people post that they have developed TTS symptoms only _after_ using rigid orthotics.

I have a pair that work for me now, but my TTS symptoms did in fact start with a pair that I believe were poorly made.

Re: Best orthotics for TTS?

marie on 6/02/04 at 19:46 (151838)

I sware by Birkenstocks. I had no luck with orthotics. I wear this style Arizona with soft bed. I have had good luck with Birkenstock Central. You may want to try a pair before you invest in orthotics. The difference was INCREDIBLE. Within a week I felt a difference.