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What's the best type of shoe?

Posted by scott r on 5/29/04 at 12:10 (151544)

If those here in the message board can come to an agreement that a certain type of shoe is best for the feet and especially heel pain, then i can sell that shoe. I've heard votes from ashcrafters, SAS, new balance, and birkenstock. Or is it just impossible to find a shoe that's 'best' for everyone. That's why i've never considered selling shoes....besides the cost in stocking 20 to 30 different sizes.....and that's if only one color is chosen.

Re: What's the best type of shoe?

Dorothy on 5/29/04 at 13:15 (151553)

RE url: bbv.cgi?n=151544
Having met your recently posted posting-to-you requirements with the above, here is my response:
For me, the SAS shoe is one that I wear, although not my first preference BUT many people here swear by it AND it is difficult for many people to find because SAS does not sell online and not a lot of retail outlets AND it is a shoe that works well with the PowerStep that you already sell (or other orthotics I would guess.) It seems to me that if you were to sell the SAS you would be providing a service to posters that can't easily be provided by others. Other places sell New Balance, Birkenstocks, Dansko, Brooks, etc. - but no other place - online - sells SAS. Maybe SAS would not permit it..??
I think your idea is a very good one.

I also think you should be selling the good quality kind of tape on your site - also not easy for people to find. The Leuko tape is the one I mean, along with a pre-wrap kind of tape for protection. I have a bag full of brand-new, unopened rolls of Leuko tape that I will sell to you if you want to have it for your first Leuko tape sale. I tried taping and found it to be very difficult and so have abandoned that myself. I would sell it to you for what I paid for it and I got a good price, not 'top-dollah!'
Ok, commercial posting ends now.

Re: What's the best type of shoe?

scott r on 5/29/04 at 13:26 (151554)

dorothy, thanks for the tape offer. john had shown me where to get the good price, but i have not been able to find the time to add new products yet. I have a list of 10 items i need to add.

you only need to use my codename to catch my attention. since i started this thread, i would be checking it on my own anyway. the url requirement is if you have a complaint about another post in a different thread from the one you're posting the complaint in or if you email me. this is so that i can easily find the offending post and thread.

Re: What's the best type of shoe? scott r

Ed Davis, dPM on 5/29/04 at 15:06 (151563)

I think I got it right -- a space after your name is needed.
I once mentioned in an email that we (a friend and I) had tried it, gave it up, switched to a shoe recommendation aglorithm. Selling a shoe to the general public, ie. people without foot problems is different then selling shoes which have a 'therapeutic' property. It is hard to find one that is best for everyone, fit is an issue and inventory is the real 'killer.' I suppose it can be done but you may be setting yourself up for a very expensive headache.

Re: What's the best type of shoe? scott r

Ed Davis, dPM on 5/29/04 at 15:08 (151564)

One item you may be forgetting: Superfeet. See http://www.superfeet.com
That could be a good option!

Re: What's the best type of shoe? scott r

scott r on 5/29/04 at 19:16 (151572)

Dr Ed,
i have been thinking about the superfeet for a long time....it's one of the ten items on my list. Eventhough the new design of the powersteps has better cushion. 'scottr' is the correct form. i see all those posts, although I respond infrequently.

Re: What's the best type of shoe? scott r

Ed Davis, dPM on 5/29/04 at 23:20 (151578)


It is not just a mattter of cushioning but form. Somehow, the NW Lab people, who started the separate corp. for Superfeet did an exceptional job scanning lots of casts and figured out a form that works for the highest percentage of people possible. One item is the deep heel cup and flat rearfoot post which provides superior rearfoot control. One of the 'tricks' that both I and either Robert or BG had once mentioned is that some patients have to upsize one size on the Superfeet in order to get the right form. Finally, but perhaps somewhat less relevant for selling purposes is the ease of modifiability of Superfeet. It is a a two piece design and it is modified by separating the two pieces and adding or subracting from specific spots. I may be able to simplifiy the process somewhat by listing some of the more common modifications and how to do them. The top portion is a self molding foam that can be heated and walked on -- this faom is less 'bouncy' than the material in Powersteps but more amenable to molding. There are actually shops in BC that sell Superfeet and modify them on the spot as semi-custom orthotics. They have a variety of types, fitting a large variety of shoegear.

Re: What's the best type of shoe? scott r

Dr. Z on 5/30/04 at 11:06 (151594)


The power step is really a great insert. I am also using an insert called Antisox- This is a full length gel insert made for walking and running. Very well made device with a TWO year breakage guarantee.

Re: What's the best type of shoe? scott r

Ed Davis, DPM on 5/30/04 at 13:53 (151598)

Dr. Z:
Is that an Apex product. Apex may be a good producer to link up with for online commerce since they make so many foot products.

Re: What's the best type of shoe? scott r

Dr. Z on 5/30/04 at 14:40 (151603)

It might be. I have to check the box it came in. They orginally came with Diabetic shoes and I liked them so much that I had a staff member track down the company . I think it is Apex

Re: What's the best type of shoe?

dave r on 6/01/04 at 07:48 (151674)

Dorothy, I am interested in your tape if its still for sale?

Re: What's the best type of shoe?

john h on 6/01/04 at 09:44 (151692)

Dave: I will be glad to send you a box of Leuko tape for free. Just email me your address. I bught about 20 boxes on ebay for less than $2 a box and it will take me for ever to use it up.

email: '(email removed)'

Re: What's the best type of shoe?

john h on 6/01/04 at 09:48 (151693)

Dorothy I am usually in the SAS or Birks. I notice a lot of the hospital staff use these two shoes also.

Re: What's the best type of shoe?

john h on 6/01/04 at 09:51 (151695)

Last year I was trying to do some research on SAS shoes (San Antonio Shoe Company) and could find little information. I think they are privately owned and there is not a lot of information available. The prices are standard as best as I can find and being a privately held company they can do this. I doubt we will find any sales on these shoes that is not company sponsored.

Re: What's the best type of shoe?

Dorothy on 6/01/04 at 10:07 (151699)

Dave R - I hope you will understand why I must say that I don't want to sell it this way, but not all of the encounters on this site have been nice. Most have, but recalling those few whom one would vigorously avoid in person, I'd rather not sell or trade directly this way. It would be a very nice service for scott r to provide via his site - the selling and/or exchange of products - so that he/his site could be the go-between for a 'sell & swap' kind of thing, but I'm pretty sure that will not happen. I'm sure that all of us here have some foot products that we would like to give or sell to another person here who would like to try that product and I know that others here have said they have done that between themselves, but I'd rather not. I was just offering to sell it to scott r at the time. Since I don't use my own actual name here but do use the name of a friend/relative who has purchased things for me/on my behalf, I have thought of asking her to handle something like this, selling, for me - but it's kind of cumbersome to do and, even though she does these things gladly, I always feel like I am imposing on her good will. She does this for me a lot, but she doesn't live near me and so it adds to the 'hassle' for both of us. If we decide to do this, I might put together a list of things and then let her handle it - and would post it here. It may sound overly complicated but it's a system that has worked for us. Ok, you got lots more answer than you wanted - but I'm sorry that I can't easily help you.

Re: What's the best type of shoe?

Dorothy on 6/01/04 at 10:20 (151702)

DAVE R: I hope you see john h's post and offer of the tape to you. See, there's the answer you wanted! That is so nice of john and I hope it helps you.