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recently diagnosed

Posted by TressaS on 5/29/04 at 15:25 (151565)

help - I was diagnosed with TTS about a month ago. Mine seemed to come on suddenly. So I'm not sure if TTS. I've never had any problems with my feet. Went barefoot a lot. Wore pointy-toe high heels for many years. Two years ago I planned/organized and participated in a 100 mile walk for a young boy in desperate need of a kidney. I was the only walker who actually walked the whole 100 miles (in 5 days). A few weeks ago, I was sitting at my computer and realized that the bottom of my foot felt like it was asleep and since that day it has never gone away. The foot feels numb, with tingling sensations, not really pain, but ache. Feels cold, but almost a burning type of cold. Sometimes feels like i am walking barefoot on cold concrete. worse by evening. i work at a doctor's office so i mentioned it to the physicians assistant. she sent me for back x-ray which was negative, then for back mri which was negative, so she scheduled me for emg testing with neurologist. in the meantime, i went on the internet, typed the words 'foot burning, tingling' and lo and behold I found this website. i made an appt with a podiatrist, who diagnosed TTS, he gave me some orthotics, advised me to use anti-inflammatories, told me to cancel the EMG, and has me going for physical therapy 2 times a week. Nothing has changed and the orthotics seem to make things worse but i wear them everyday. the PT helps with the aching somewhat for a day or two. Weekends are worse because i am on my feet more and by the end of the evening, i can't even describe the feeling of burning, tingling. i have to wear heavy socks to bed to try to relieve the cold feeling but i also sometimes can't stand to have anything touching the foot and have to dangle it out side the bed. yesterday, the neurologist's receptionist told me that I don't have TTS because it is only one foot and TTS is always bilateral. She told me I shouldn't cancel the EMG. Help! Does it sound like TTS. Does it usually seem to happen suddenly like that or over a period of time? Would an MRI of my foot show anything? Sorry this is so lengthy.

Re: recently diagnosed

wendyn on 5/29/04 at 15:52 (151568)

Tressa, I agree that you should go for your EMG.

I wouldn't pay too much attention to the diagnosis from the doctor's receptionist. She's a receptionist. In 5 years here, I've never heard anyone suggest that TTS is always bilateral.

How is your health otherwise?

Re: recently diagnosed

mary l on 5/30/04 at 10:11 (151590)

I agree that you need to have the EMG. I had an MRI of back and foot and 4 EMGs before any MD would say definitely that it was TTS. Mine also came on suddenly. It started with shooting pain up and down my leg. At first the MDs thought it was a herniated disc. I also went barefoot all my life, wore the wrong shoes and being a pharmacist for over 25 years standing on my feet for long hours, many days 13 hour shifts and standing the whole time. No one suggested orthotics until after I had the surgery. I have store bought ones now but next week I am having them made, the MD wants to take the pressure off the tarcel tunnel area. I also have burning and a very cold foot. I would use a heating pad to warm my foot. I lost feeling in my 3 smallest toes and all my shoes would rub that area and cause more pain. The numbness was located on the bottom of my foot, but not the arch. I think I hated this the most and after surgery I still have the numbness but can move my 3 small toes again, so there is hope and it has only been 2 months since surgery. I went to the WWII memorial dedication yesterday and did a lot of walking. I was suffering last night and some this am but felt this was something I had to do for my dad and his service to our country. TTS is very hard to cope with when you have been so active before as you have. Have all the tests done. I am taking Neurontin (as a lot are) and I feel it helps some (which is a plus), talk to your MD. I am happy I had the surgery because I have had some relief and am hoping for more as time goes on.
Good luck to you and I hope some of this info will help you.

Re: recently diagnosed

Darlene on 5/30/04 at 12:20 (151596)

I'm wondering how the orthotics take the pressure off of the tarsel tunnel area. Is the arch support or something else.

Thanks for the information in your post.

Re: recently diagnosed

mary l on 5/31/04 at 17:28 (151642)

Sorry, don't know yet. Hopefully I will get fitted this week and ask questions to the orthotic guy. I will pass info as I get it.