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Foot Info. at the Autobody Repair (Hail, yes!)

Posted by Dorothy on 5/29/04 at 19:40 (151573)

I wanted to mention this to folks here - while waiting in a repair shop this week, I read their back issues of Consumers Reports; these were all 2003 and I think anywhere from October-December 2003. In one of the issues there was a test and review of this insole: Dr. Scholl's Tri-Comfort Orthotics which is an over the counter item. It was tested with a significant number of people with both chronic and acute PF. The pain-reporting before and after and then later/after were very favorable for this item. I've never used it myself but wanted to pass along this info in case you might want to look up the Cons. Rports or to try the 'orthotic'. The only price I can mention comes from one online big seller and they had it for under $10.00. For what this is worth, here it is.