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Heel Pain in my 9 year old daughter

Posted by Rick H. on 5/30/04 at 12:36 (151597)

My daughter has just entered the Allstars for her Softball league. In the first few practices she began having increasing pain in her heel that seemed to cut through the back side of her heel. We iced it for a few days and gave her Motrin. To play it safe we took her to the Dr. and he mentioned issues with her growth plate after viewing x-rays. After reading your web site, I'm believe it may be Sever's Disease based on her age and the description from the Doctor.

The doctor had us pull out of the tounament and had her wear a soft cast for 2 weeks. This friday she went to the doctor and got cleared to play this weekends tournament. We pushed a bit to make sure that this was appropriate. He said he would have her play. Yesterday she played for the first time.

My question is, how careful should we be about her play. She is using over the counter heel cups with the jell cusions in her cleats. Part way through the game she said her heel hurt so we pulled her out of the end of the game. Is this condition something that she should do as much as she wants? or do we need to keep it at rest until ALL pain is gone? We are planning to use ice and motrin for the next games. we also are pushing her to strech repeatedly. We are not sure if we will be agrevating the condition or helping to excersice her way through the issues. Some if the pain she describes sounds like just that her muscles are weak due to being in a cast for 2 weeks, but some is like the original pain.

We obviously don't want to let her do any damage. What guildance can you give us to help in this situation?


Rick H.

Re: Heel Pain in my 9 year old daughter

Ed Davis, DPM on 5/30/04 at 14:04 (151600)

My cure rate for Sever's disease about 99% in 4 weeks utilizing an orhtotic with a deep heel cup. I would slow down activities until the cure has occurred. The cast will provide some temporary help.