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TTS Doctors?

Posted by Larry Willis on 5/31/04 at 08:36 (151614)

What type of doctors handle tts?

I've Been to: 1. Podiatrist
2. Orthopaedic Surgeon of the Foot and Ankle

Any other types I might be missing? Thanks

Re: TTS Doctors?

Fay on 5/31/04 at 11:23 (151618)

Pain Management DR.

Re: TTS Doctors?

LARA on 5/31/04 at 13:29 (151621)

I went to four doctors (2 orthopods for ankle/feet and two podiatrists). However, when I found one (happened to be a podiatrist) that had a lot of sports injury patients, I hit a winner. There's also a neurologist although if you are in an HMO you probably need a referral.

Re: TTS Doctors?

Dr. Z on 5/31/04 at 13:34 (151622)

The key is experience. You must ask questions as to the experience of the physician treating TTS.