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TTS release to RSD treatments

Posted by Fay on 5/31/04 at 11:22 (151617)

Hello everyone,

I had the TTS release in May, the surgery has been hard to recover. My symptoms are still there. The theory from the personal Nurse that my insurance company assigned me,was that RSD has been into play from the beginning. I'm going to start RSD or otherwise known as CRPS treatments this week. As anyone else had to go through the treatments and what was the success rate?
When I read about RSD, can you say SCARED. My life was not suppost to be this way. But I have came to the conclusions that this is the way of the light.
Please anyone share with me your TTS release and how you felt after, and did your DR. think about your symptoms as a classic RSD case.

Re: TTS release to RSD treatments

Dr. Z on 5/31/04 at 13:35 (151623)

What kind of treatment are you gettng for your RSD? Any surgery can cause RSD. Rare but true.

Re: TTS release to RSD treatments

Fay on 5/31/04 at 17:46 (151644)

they are giving me the block injection. It is known I have shown all the classic signs of RSD prior to the surgery. What do you know about RSD? what are my chances?