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Little toe won't move....Why?

Posted by Lisa H on 6/01/04 at 03:33 (151672)

A couple months ago, I started having pain on the side of my foot, near the little toe. I thought it might be a tailor's bunion.

My pod took an X-ray and said that even though my foot is wide, the bones were straight. He said the pain might be caused from a pinched nerve.

I had my EPF surgery on that foot on May 19. Now my little toe won't move. The circulation is still good and I have feeling in that toe. But when I try to spread my toes, it just stays in the same position.

When I saw my pod last week, he said that it might be a side effect from the surgery, that maybe once the swelling goes down I might regain some movement. Or that maybe the pinched nerve was aggravated due to my limping.

Before I had my EPF, I had to sign a paper saying that I was aware of the risk factors of the surgery. One of them being possible nerve damage.

Can you tell me what else might be causing this?


Re: Little toe won't move....Why?

Kristie on 6/01/04 at 08:54 (151678)

I just had PF release surgery on May 7th. The following week I went to see my doctor adn told her that my two little toes were completly numb. Says that is complety normal because the interiror nerve she was working on leans to those two toes. The numbness is staring to go away. And I'm starting to be able to move those two toes.

I also had a nevated septum (nose fixed) repaired a couple of years ago. Still the very top partof my month, right behind my front teeth, are still numb. It's not painful just a little werid. But I don't have any pain in my nose or anywhere else. Which is great! I'll take numbness to pain any day.

Hope you can wiggle your noses soon.