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Releases versus EWST

Posted by Angie K on 6/01/04 at 10:40 (151704)

I had a totally release done on my left foot. It was very invasive as a bone spur was also removed. Recovery took a year and I still have some discomfort (numbness, tingling, as some soreness at times), but no real pain. After reading all of the posts on this board, I have not seen one that says complete freedom from pain was the result of their EWST treatment. I now have PF in my right foot and am agonizing over whether to try EWST on it or get a full release (this time endoscopically as to not have a long recovery and to have relief much sooner than with the full release). Dr. Z, any advice?

Re: Releases versus EWST

Dr. Z on 6/02/04 at 20:36 (151842)


If it would my foot and I had the choice it would be ESWT over any release. Why. Any cutting of the fascia can and does lead to complete biomechanical instability of the foot which can be permanent. This is why I first evaluated ESWT back in the late 1990'S. I would be happy to discuss any aspect of ESWT that you would like to have answered