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Question to anyone experiencing TTS

Posted by Pauline on 6/01/04 at 18:51 (151736)

Curious and not knowing much about TTS could you please answer these questions.

1. Did you have P.F. prior to getting TTS?
2. Did you have surgery for P.F. prior to getting TTS?
3. What do you think caused or can you pin point any cause for your
developing TTS?
4. Did you have any other foot or leg surgery prior to getting TTS?
5. If you had surgery for TTS release did you find any relief or
was the condition made worse?
6. Were most of you athletic, runners, tennis etc.?

I'm just wondering if there is a common thread that might connect all of your TTS cases or if you can think of any.

Re: Question to anyone experiencing TTS

Dr. David S. Wander on 6/02/04 at 17:20 (151817)


I admire your attempt to find a common link for TTS. Although there may be some patients that have similar traits or histories, there are so many contributing factors that can cause TTS. As you are aware, TTS can be caused by trauma, prior surgery, biomechanial faults, large varicosities in the tarsal tunnel, weight gain, fluid retention, etc. All of the reasons you've listed above can contribute to TTS. And, unfortunately many patients may have none of the characteristics that you or I have listed.

Re: Question to anyone experiencing TTS

Pam H. on 6/03/04 at 12:38 (151900)

I had surgery for a heel spur removal in April 2004. It did not get any better. I had pain all the time. After numerous wrappings,wearing a leg brace and several cortison shots I was sent to another doctor. Had surgery for TTS in October 2003. I am still having horrible pain and have been in a cast for 6 weeks. Nothing seems to help. The pain is really bad. I truly wonder if I am ever going to be pain free again.

Re: Question to anyone experiencing TTS

Ed Davis, DPM on 6/03/04 at 16:50 (151933)

Pauline and David:
Yes, it is an interesting set of questions. I, in 22 years of practice, have just not seen many patients with both PF and TTS. An unusual number have shown up on this site. I do know a number of surgeons who automatically assume that at least a medial calcaneal nerve 'release' be done with a plantar fascial release so I am generally curious to know how many patients with PF had TTS confirmed via NCV. I think that a subset of patients with longstanding and significant heel pain have pain which becomes very generalized due to changes in gait and can be misinterpreted as more pathology than may actually be present.