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Posted by JudyS on 6/01/04 at 19:19 (151737)

hello everybody! hope you all had a lovely weekend. we spent the weekend in las vegas where john had a tournament to play in. the weather there was beautifully bearable which was very unusual.

happy birthday Suzanne!

I have a thoroughly fractured finger which includes a ruptured tendon (playing ball of course!) but i couldn't get my mind to heal it right up so i guess the splint really will have to stay on it for six more @$%&%*&^*%(& weeks! i really don't get how you right-handers can do a darn thing with that hand as mine is quite uncooperative! one good thing - doc's printed instructions say 'no housework for six weeks'! lucky for me it doesn't say 'no softball.....'

john i too remember the flanders field poem from school days. your recollection of it here was wonderfully timely - thank you.

Re: hello

wendyn on 6/01/04 at 21:33 (151747)

Nice to hear from you Judy! Sorry about your finger - sounds VERY painful!

Re: hello

Dorothy on 6/01/04 at 23:20 (151753)

Really sorry to hear of your injury, JudyS - and hope it heals faster than expected. As Wendy already said, it does sound painful! Make it get well...

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Bob G on 6/01/04 at 23:54 (151757)

hope you finger heals quickly as with all other heels! looking forward to a good race with LA, SF and SD...will be in dodger stadium for angels in a few weeks...good thoughts for you and john!

Re: hello

Kathy G on 6/02/04 at 09:42 (151779)


It's so nice to hear from you but what a shame about your finger. And you did such a nice job designing your kitchen for someone who's left handed! But, since you can't do any housework, you probably shouldn't cook either, right?;)

I'm as hopelessly right handed as you are left handed. I have a friend who broke her right wrist but she's ambidexterous so her handwriting, etc. looked just as good as if she did it with her right hand.

Hope it heals quickly and isn't too painful!

Re: hello

marie on 6/02/04 at 18:27 (151829)

Nice to hear from you. Hope your finger heels quickly.

best wishes marie

Re: hello

Suzanne D. on 6/03/04 at 20:21 (151959)

Thank you for the birthday wishes, Judy!

I am so sorry about your fractured finger. Knowing how much pain my daughter has been in with the three broken toes makes me even more sympathetic toward you! I hope you heal quickly and are soon out of pain.

Take care,
Suzanne :)