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Something to Think About

Posted by Dorothy on 6/02/04 at 10:52 (151784)

Hello all -
As I write this, I am listening to the radio with a program on that you might be familiar with. I want to recommend this particular program to you. It is not yet available yet on the archives, but it will be very soon. Right now, the archives only go through May 2004 but June will be added soon. Ok - The program is found this way: http://www.npr.org
Then go to The Diane Rehm show. Then go to the 2004 archives and (soon) the June 02, 2004 program with author Maggie Scarf about her new book Secrets, Lies and Betrayals. I have not read the book, but I am listening to her interview. What the focus is on is the connection between the mind, life experiences and the affects on the body. You can listen while you are at your computer - and who knows, might learn something that would be helpful to you.

Re: Something to Think About

john h on 6/03/04 at 12:08 (151897)

A large study was just completed concering depression and anxiety. It was found that you are twice as likely to experiece anxiety and depression in the United States than if you lived in the poorest countries in Africa???

Update: Gas is now selling in excess of $6.00 per gallon in some parts of England. 75% of this cost is taxes.