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still swollen and painful

Posted by Marty on 6/03/04 at 12:55 (151902)

hi doctors,

i had tts and pf release 15 months ago and still have swelling in the ball area. the ball of my foot was not swollen nor hurting until i woke up from the surgery. my pod said this is probably just the nerve waking up form being entrapped for so long. the swelling and pain is less a problem as it was right after the surgery but i still can't walk heal to toe as I should. I have to curl my toes under to keep pressure off the ball area. like i said it is slooooowly i guess improving so my question is could this be RSDS or something like that, if not is 15 months to early to expect complete recovery and I should give it so more time. if more time then how long before I look at other possible's.