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To Julie about massaging scar tissue

Posted by Buck T. on 6/03/04 at 16:14 (151924)

Hi Julie: Glad you're back. Like most I've missed your posts.

Have one spot of what I think is scar tissue. It's about the size of a penny on scar from pf surgery. It's on outside of heal at insertional area. I'm doing your yoga and its helping everything but this one area. Any advice on technizes for massaging specific scar tissue? Thanks,


Re: To Julie about massaging scar tissue

Julie on 6/04/04 at 02:02 (151979)

Buck, I don't think I'm the right person to ask. All I know of massaging a scar I learned from my physiotherapist following mastectomy surgery ten years ago. I'm happy to share this with you, but it may not be relevant to the scar on your heel! She asked me to start massaging the scar as soon as my stitches were out, with the aim of avoiding adhesions (the skin bonding to the muscle beneath) which if they formed would restrict my arm movement. She told me to massage vigorously, in a circular motion, along the line of the scar. I remember her saying 'don't do skin-brushing, dig in'.

I followed instructions, and dug in for about a year, and it worked. Whether or not this is the right way to approach breaking up scar tissue on your heel I do not know. If you have a physiotherapist, you should check it out with him/her. Otherwise, I hope that someone here who has successfully dealt with scar tissue after PF surgery will see your post and share their what they know with you.

Re: To Julie

BudP on 6/04/04 at 04:18 (151982)

Where you been? Even though we don't know each other that well. I do enjoy your answers. But it has bee some time since I've seen a post of yours.By the way the surgery on my foot EPF at this time seems to be a complete success. It will be 7 months on June 10th. I just started this week on the cross trainer and am doing right at 30 minutes.So I'm finally starting to sweat again. It's been almost 14 months since I could do anything. Take care.


Re: To Julie

Julie on 6/04/04 at 05:11 (151984)

Hi Bud

That's nice of you: thank you. I've been cutting down on my internet time, but I've made a few posts in the past couple of weeks. I'm very glad to hear that your EPF surgery has been a success and that you can work out again.

All the best, Julie

Re: To Julie about massaging scar tissue

Buck T. on 6/05/04 at 16:32 (152122)

Thanks Julie: Will check with therapist also. Will let youall know what develops. Take care,

Sincerely, Buck