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ESWT--nerve block

Posted by Maureen on 6/03/04 at 20:56 (151961)

Well, my podiatrist says I am covered for high density ESWT and trying to set it up in the office for me through Shock wave. I am nervous because he says that high density involves multi needles including a nerve block--sounds ominous. I am more afraid of this nerve block than the entire procedure. Anyone have this nerve block--what can I expect??? Also wondering if I can resume work the next day.

Re: ESWT--nerve block

Steve G on 6/03/04 at 23:43 (151971)

Maureen - I have had two rounds of high energy, and I would not be concerned about the shots. They are basically anesthesia so the shockwave does not hurt. The doctor will spray your foot with a cold spray while he gives the shots. This makes it pretty painless. I have had lots of shots in my life - allergies, dentists, etc, and these are no worse.

Re: P.S.

Steve G on 6/03/04 at 23:45 (151972)

I am assuming you are getting the Dornier. The Ossatron involves a more intensive nerve block that I cannot comment on. If it's United Shockwave, they are using the Dornier

Re: ESWT--nerve block

Pauline on 6/04/04 at 08:05 (151991)

Your fear about the injections I think lies in the wrong area. Being reassured that your doctor knows WHERE to inject will ultimately be far more important to you than the small amount of pain from the actual injections themselves. If he's done a lot you have nothing to worry about.