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Posted by Mike M. on 6/03/04 at 21:05 (151962)

I had an EPF on my right foot in December after two years of battling PF and one round of ESWT which did not help. How long does this take to heal? I have cuboid syndrome and pain in my arch now. I was given a cortisone shot for the cuboid pain and I have custom-made inserts but they don't seem to help. My podiatrist says this could take up to a year to respond. Is that normal? The problems I'm having now are as bad as the ones the surgery was supposed to cure.


Steve G on 6/03/04 at 23:51 (151973)

Mike - from reading on this board, it can take a long time (up to a year to heal). The cuboid syndrome seems to be a pretty common complication, and you need to treat it quickly and aggressively. Do a search on 'lateral column' and you will find several discussions of the problem, treatment options, etc. You will want to treat this aggressively, since I have seen posts where the problem gets worse.