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TTS Neurontin effects

Posted by Ian Reed on 6/04/04 at 05:58 (151986)

Does neurontin help heal the tts or is it simply medication to cope with the pain? Also is taking a vioxx, or celebrex okay with neurontin? Is neurontin used for only tingling, electrical shooting pain and if i have localized pain that is deep constant aching type pain can it e used?

Re: TTS Neurontin effects

Terri on 6/05/04 at 10:10 (152086)

There is no pill out there that will heal TTS. Most are taking it to help with the pain. Check with your dr about taking it with other meds. Originally designed for epilepsy, neurontin is being used more and more for other nerve involved conditions such as TTS and MS for example.