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neoprene ankle brace or Aircast ankle stirrup?

Posted by Louise on 6/04/04 at 17:03 (152037)

A podiatrist, who said he couldn't help me much beyond an orthotic which was too hard for me to tolerate, also suggested, as did my rheumatologist, that I would benefit from supporting my ankles as they are very weak.

I am presently wearing a softer orthotic which does help, but has not resolved the pain which starts after very limited walking and sometimes occurs even when I'm sitting down.

One told me to use a neoprene ankle brace with a figure 8 strap (made by Mueller) and the other told me to use an aircast brace.

I haven't received much help yet and will be seeing a foot and ankle orthopedist in about 2 weeks. But meanwhile maybe I can find some ways of getting some relief and/or at least not making things worse.

Do people here use ankle supports when walking - and if so, which kinds have you found most helpful?



Re: neoprene ankle brace or Aircast ankle stirrup?

Karl Everett Thomas on 6/05/04 at 07:39 (152078)


I was prescribed an ankle brace that limited inversion eversion , but was no significant help at all. I also tried a neoprene ankle brace,and that also was not helpful. TTS is not like a sprained ankle and I don't think there is any brace that will help with this condition.

I also went to see a Foot and Ankle orthopedist after 2 podiatrists could not help me with my problem of TTS. Ther is not much they can offer you except physical therapy. orthotics, pills, and surgery if you desire to have a release.

Good luck

Re: neoprene ankle brace or Aircast ankle stirrup?

Terri on 6/05/04 at 09:47 (152082)

Louise, many here have written that compression socks work well for them. Not as bulky as the ankle supports, especially those neoprene ones, yuck! In my opinion, the ankle supports sometimes put too much pressure on the TT area itself, compounding the problem instead of alleviating it. Compression (or support hose) socks are more comfortable and afford an even support across the entire foot and lower leg.

Re: neoprene ankle brace or Aircast ankle stirrup?

Aimee C. on 6/07/04 at 00:11 (152184)

I really don't know much about this, but I have a very old-fashioned, hand made polio-type brace with laces up by the knee. Somehow it seems that these laces redistribute some of the weight from the ankle area to my calves and reduce some of the pressure in the tarsal tunnel area. They weren't cheap though and may have their own side effects, but they do allow me to walk more than otherwise.