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Hello John H

Posted by Dorothy on 6/04/04 at 19:58 (152055)

John H - did you find the Light Therapy link? It has moved from where I saw it last night. When I first spotted it, it was featured at the top of the page as 'New Product: Light Therapy'. Now I see that it is more embedded in the larger text as 'for something new and strange, Light Therapy'..... I'm not sure that is such an attractive selling point...'new and strange' .. 'Course that could be said of lots of things that we 'foot people' buy and try...
I wish that scott r would give lots more information about his product such as how it compares to others that are available. He makes some reference to the range of prices of those he has seen, but otherwise no other comparison. Many people are familiar with Light Force Therapy (it's even sold on Amazon.com now) and Anodyne Light Therapy (in podiatrist's and other practices - maybe chiropractors? )... There's very interesting information 'out there' about light therapy (the NASA studies, for example and last year's release of data about its very good efficacy for neuropathy treatment. But what I don't know is WHICH light therapy, what are the specifications, is it only anodyne? does LFT also work? where does scott r's light fit in the picture? ETC ETC.... I'd love to try this therapy; I think it sounds very promising - but I'd like some more information and it's very hard to come by.