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ESWT: how much activity?

Posted by MonikaA on 6/04/04 at 21:23 (152063)

I had eswt using the ossatron a week and a half ago. I felt great the first few days and now feel like I did before the procedure, which from what I have read is quite common. I decided to do just my left foot even though I have bilateral pf. My left foot is much worse. However, now that I am favoring my left foot, my right is really sore now too. My questions: how much activity is too much? I am an active full time mom taking care of 2 active sons. I haven't worked out, but have been walking as much as usual. Am I doing too much and that's why my feet are so sore? Second question: Should I REALLY take it easy? Will that make any difference?
Thanks so much in advance for your feedback.