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To Tricia H. about her ART

Posted by Robert J on 6/04/04 at 23:36 (152066)

Tricia --

I just read the exchange about your ART therapy. As another atypical PF person, I am very interested to see if your ART experience matches Hilary G's. If so, we may have a trend here. Let us know what happens.

Re: To Tricia H. about her ART

TriciaH on 6/05/04 at 06:31 (152075)

Hi Robert-

I've had two sessions so far, and will be going twice a week. I'm going to give it about a month, to see if there is improvement. So far, it hurts like heck when he's doing it, and it is a little sore afterwards, but unlike the other things I've tried, it is not making it worse. It actually feels ok right now.
The big test will be when I can start running again. Even after he did this, I was able to walk 2 miles in street shoes (can finally give up wearing my sneakers all the time).
I will definitely keep you informed. I have a good feeling about this, unlike the wary feeling I had about getting the cortisone shot & the ESWT.