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Clogged sweat glands

Posted by Laina on 6/05/04 at 04:02 (152072)

I have 3 very painful bumps on the bottom of my right foot. I went to the doctor and he said they are clogged sweat glands and he carved them out.
They came back and I don't want to go through the pain of him cutting them off again, and then returning. Is there anything I can do at home to get rid of these or decrease my pain?

Re: Clogged sweat glands

Ed Davis, DPM on 6/05/04 at 14:43 (152110)

As simple as these sound they can be tough to deal with. What you need to do is after they are 'carved out' is place 40% urea cream in the
'holes' and cover that with tape for 3 weeks after they are carved out. Two products: Vanamide Cream and Carmol-40 exist. The process may need repeating 2 to 3 times.

Re: Clogged sweat glands

RACHAEL T. on 6/05/04 at 21:56 (152136)

Where are these sweat glands located?

Re: Clogged sweat glands, will they come back?

Laina on 6/06/04 at 08:38 (152148)

Thank you,
The doctor did say something about filling the holes if just carving them out didn't work. But carving them out proved to be really painful also.
If they are carved out and filled with the cream, do they usually go away or are they prone to return?
Thanks so much for your time.

Re: Clogged sweat glands

Dr. Z on 6/08/04 at 13:21 (152411)


I find that the ' carving out' shouldn't be too painful. We use 40 % Sal Acid applied at night will make the area very soft. They can return. In some cases 4% alcohol injections will remove the porokerotic lesion forever