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Light Therapy

Posted by Dorothy on 6/05/04 at 12:06 (152095)

Did you all see Dr. Ben Pearl's post about his own personal use of Anodyne light therapy on his own PF?? And have you seen the new product here of Scott R's light therapy product?? I have asked this several times in the longer ago past here, but has anyone else used Anodyne therapy or any other form of light therapy?? I think Ali (where IS Ali?) was going to try some form. I muse about the principles behind things - for example, scar tissue (ART, other forms of massage); nerve/circulation (light therapy?, pills, exercise) - and so on, and I wonder if we need a multi-factorial approach. I'm not sure but it seems that there is more than one form of 'light therapy' and I would like to know what they are, how they differ, when they are effective, etc. So far, I am aware of three: Anodyne; Light Force Therapy; WalMart infrared. I have no idea how each works and how they are alike/different. Have I mentioned that I currently RESEMBLE a WalMart Infrared product - and FEEL like one, too??!!

Re: Light Therapy

Pam S. on 6/05/04 at 17:08 (152124)

Hi Dorothy:
I am just catching up and I am so sorry to read you are still flared up with hives. This has gone on for quite a while. Are you no better. Sending healing vibes you way. Warmly, pam

Re: Light Therapy

scott r on 6/05/04 at 17:37 (152128)

I should mention that anodyne uses infrared (i believe 880 nm) and mine is 660 nm (red). The wlmart 'homedic' or something like that is just little incadescent bulbs with a red cover. it does put out some infrared and red, but not as much as mine or anodyne