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Follow Up to Julie's Post on Pawanmuktasana

Posted by Dorothy on 6/05/04 at 15:30 (152117)

I googled on Pawanmuktasana and found the following that I thought might be helpful to others looking for a little more information on the new information that Julie has led us to:





(This is one of the links that has good illustrations as well as clear text)


(I thought this was a very nice site for yoga asanas and info.)

Re: Follow Up to Julie's Post on Pawanmuktasana

Buck T. on 6/05/04 at 16:40 (152123)

Thanks, Dorothy for taking time to do this. The fifth one down really looks good -- just as you described. Will study some of these, try them, and report back.
Sincerely, Buck

Re: Follow Up to Julie's Post on Pawanmuktasana

Julie on 6/06/04 at 02:31 (152144)

Thanks, Dorothy

http://www.infoclub.com.np/fashion/tips/femina/beauty2.htm has good illustrations of the toe and ankle exercises and a nice explanation of the effects of practising these exercises with full awareness. It is worth pulling out and quoting, because it explains simply and well why even the simplest movement, if done attentively, can have such a profound effect.

A little glossary first: 'asana' is the Sanskrit word for posture, or movement' 'prana' is the word for vital energy, or life force.

'Asanas, done correctly with total one-pointed awareness, can work beautifully to calm the mind and relax the body. Indeed, if asanas are performed correctly with perfect awareness, they can be experienced as deeply meditative. And you don't necessarily have to get into any complicated yoga postures to experience this.

The secret of awareness is that whenever you take your awareness to a particular part of the body, the consciousness in that part of the body gets awakened. So does the flow of prana in that area, revitalising and energising that part. In this manner, by working on the body, part by part, the whole body gets alive and each and every cell in the body gets nourished. The deeper the awareness, the deeper the affect and the greater the benefit.'

Incidentally, I wasn't able to access the other sites from the links you provided through either of my browsers, although I know I know most of them and know they're out there. I wondered why, and realised that apart from the infoclub site I've just quoted from, they all contain the word 'yoga' which means that thanks to Scott's link to the foot exercises they automatically appear with a capital 'Y'. So if anyone wants to access the sites, you'll have to key the urls into your browser and change the capital 'Y' to a lower case 'y'.

Re: Follow Up to Julie's Post on Pawanmuktasana

scott r on 6/07/04 at 14:34 (152251)

unfortunately all those nice yoga links were messed up by the message board....but you can copy and paste the URL and it will work IF you make the Y in yoga lowercase....

Re: Follow Up to Julie's Post on Pawanmuktasana

Julie on 6/08/04 at 01:28 (152332)

Thanks, scottr. They work npw. Well done.