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Do you wear compression socks pre and/or post tts surg?

Posted by Geri on 6/05/04 at 19:13 (152129)

Hi Everyone:
I am new to the board and have read every word posted since I found you after my surgery Oct 20, 2003. I had surgery on one foot and still have pain if I walk very much. The other foot tested for tt also but half as much as the surg. foot. I have read on this board a lot about compression socks and wondered if they would help a 8 month post surgical foot. I cannot imagine that they would as I cannot stand a shoe on except an open heel sandal and only when walking. I pray for the day I can wear tennis shoes again. If any of you have had experience with compression socks after surgery let me know. I have learned I can get in real trouble with pain if I wear a wrong pair of shoes and suffer for 2 or 3 days. I thank all of you for your help in advance. This is a wonderful place for all tt sufferers to come. I cannot tell you how much you have helped me.

Re: Do you wear compression socks pre and/or post tts surg?

Terri on 6/07/04 at 19:16 (152286)

Welcome Geri! If you look at Karl's post above yours, there's quite a discussion about compression socks going on. I personally just like the feeling of something around my feet, even if it's only a pair of sport socks. All of us are different as I'm sure you've found out by watching this board and what works for one is torture for another. You just have to take suggestions that work for you and use them as if it helps. Unfortunately, the only way of finding what works is sometimes trial and error.

Are you currently doing any therapy or on meds?

Re: Do you wear compression socks pre and/or post tts surg?

LARA on 6/07/04 at 21:24 (152310)

If they do work, I suspect it is for different reasons. I think I remember Sharon talking about compression socks post-surgery once - but your doctor would know post-surgery treatments like that I think.

However, many doctors don't know about compression socks for TTS prior to surgery. I even had one of the leading TTS orthopedists in my community (we have a teaching/research hospital) who was doing research on TTS say that the compresion socks were questionable - something the podiatrists might do but nothing an orthopedic surgeon would touch. I don't remember the words but it was very snobbish. It turns out that his partner (who I saw at another time not realizing they were in the same practice) said 'hey, if the compression socks work and give you a nice life - don't risk surgery'. Needless to say, I chose not to have this leading TTS orthopedic surgeon touch my feet. He obviously didn't understand the whole situation, just his cutting-edge surgery techniques.

Re: Do you wear compression socks pre and/or post tts surg?

Geri on 6/08/04 at 15:23 (152437)

Thanks for answering me. The info on the comp. socks was helpful. Lari did you have surgery in Oct. 2003? My tts surgery was 10-20-03. What a ride it has been! I have not had a Doctor in charge of my recuperation since my 2 month checkup with my surgeon! My surgeon was one of Dr. Dellon's 87 Doctors he taught to do the 'computerized neurosensory testing' and the surgery technique that he uses. My surgeon also was a plastic surgeon. He does 3-4 tts surgery's a month, therefore I felt comfortable with him. AT my 2 month checkup he said my {3 incision's) were healed, go back to my Doctor. His parting words were, 'if it hurts don't do it'. I only had an Internist that would try to help me, but he had never heard of my condition. I like many of you started out with PF and during a 2 year period I saw two different Podiatrists for PF and then later after a shopping trip the burning and pain set in. I was not lucky enough to find a Doctor like Dr. Z and Dr. Ed. One of the Podiatrists finally diagnosed tts, I went through the shots in the ankle, which did not work for more than 2 days and all the other things to prevent surgery. Finally he recommended and scheduled surgery the next week. By the Grace of God I had just found this site and immediately knew I needed to have some questions answered. No he had never done this procedure and no he did not want me to have any nerve testing. I cancelled the surgery and after calling Dr. Dellon's office I found my surgeon in Tampa,Fl. You all on this message board have been my source of strength and information. The first thing I do every day is check this board. THANKS-THANKS-THANKS. I guess I'm one of the lurker's that someone mentioned earlier. You asked about meds and therapy.
Neuronton 300mg. bid
calcium 1000 mg-magnesium 1000mg
Ultracet for severe pain
Aleve most of the time for pain 2-4 when necessary
No physical therapy, but my trainer is a PT. Only swimming for the legs.
Sorry for the length but my heart was full, you all help so many people that you do not even know are out there.

Re: Do you wear compression socks pre and/or post tts surg?

LARA on 6/09/04 at 10:06 (152520)

GERI WROTE: Lari did you have surgery in Oct. 2003?

I assume you are talking to me? I don't see a Lari. Assuming you were asking me - I never have had the surgery. I have a nice life without surgery (after learning how to control the symptoms) so I've opted to accommodate and control the symptoms. Hope all goes well for you.