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Light Thearpy

Posted by john h on 6/06/04 at 18:55 (152166)

Soctt r and dortothy: take a look at this device. is this what you are describing scott?


maybe I should give this baby a shot.

Re: Light Thearpy

Dorothy on 6/06/04 at 22:11 (152176)

John - That's one of the devices that I have mentioned. If you enter Light Force Therapy into your search engine, it should take you to the site of the originators of the device of that name. They developed it for use on horses that they trained and treated and it cured horses of various disorders. The trainers and staff then used it on themselves and had good results for painful conditions... so then they applied to FDA for human use...and there it is. They are located in the Denver area. If you buy the device from them, they have a full-year money-back guarantee. One or two people have tried it, I think, but I don't know what they thought. I always figured that the full-year guarantee was pretty fair, even though the price is a bit steep. Also if you do a search under 'light therapy' eventually you will get to NASA studies and other medical/scientific studies - it's interesting info. but my knowledge is limited. The Anodyne is, I think, different in some way(s) from the Light Force Therapy. Scott mentioned some specs. here recently. The Anodyne is much more expensive - I'm not sure that a 'civilian' can even buy it but not sure about that - and is used in podiatrist's, other doctors', and maybe chiropractor's offices?? That's the one that is associated with treatment for neuropathies, I think - but maybe the LFT is just as effective. I DON'T KNOW BUT I WANT TO KNOW!!! I was disheartened to read Scott R's comments about the WalMart Homedic Infrared massager - but oh well....mine has been on the fritz some of the time lately anyway. Just like me. Go John! and Go Pistons!!

Re: Light Thearpy

dave r on 6/07/04 at 07:13 (152196)

i have one of these and it seems to make my symptoms worse..I havent used it in a few months......Its up for grabs if anyone wants to try it...

Re: Light Thearpy

john h on 6/07/04 at 11:05 (152225)

Your Pistons looked tough last night. Hope they can down the evil empire known as the Lakers (i do like Paula Abdul the old Laker Cheer leader).

Re: Light Thearpy

Dorothy on 6/07/04 at 12:03 (152233)

And I bet she would like you,too, an 'old' liker of an 'old' Laker cheerleader. And yes, the Pistons did look good, didn't they??

John, I couldn't get the photos '1968' you posted but I will try again.

Thank you for the report on the lupus runner! That is a good thing to think about.

Re: Light Thearpy

john h on 6/07/04 at 12:36 (152235)

In 1968 Ronald & Nancy Reagan were staying at a hotel I was stayin in (Hawaii). I think he was Governor at that time as I was able to walk right up to him and Nancy. Just a couple of pictures of him and Nancy. It is shutterfly so you should be able to access it. I know I could when I clicked on the link.

Re: Light Thearpy

scott r on 6/07/04 at 14:27 (152248)

John, yes the lightforce is trying the same thing mine is. It seems they have several frequencies supported, whereas mine is just red (660 nm). No one is buying it, so it doesn't matter if mine is a cure-all for PF or not. Besides, i won't push it hard unless i know for sure it works. I have an 880 nm (infrared) version that i think works better (i'm trying to copy the $2,500 device), but it takes me half a day to solder the pieces together and sales would probably be too low to warrant outsourcing its amnufacture.