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PF not healing...could anemia be a factor?

Posted by Angie S. on 6/07/04 at 00:02 (152182)

In retrospect, I had symptoms of PF(bilateral) for several months. Began working in PACU position and was pushing heavy beds w/patients post op. Pushed off with the balls of my feet and maxed my lower body strength for over a year before pain got severe. Conservative treatment helping some - temporarily. I can now walk intermittently for 10 minutes or so without severe right heel pain. No prolonged standing or walking. Being on my feet is always painful. I am in PT, swim, and work out with a PACE-type program - modified, of course. Taking Celebrex, have custom made orthotics. Inj. did not give much relief, but did help some. Diagnosed with microcytic anemia and wondered if my ability to heal, blood flow, and all the physiology involved in that could be a factor to my slow to no-healing! Thank you for your time and information.