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Question for Dr Ed Davis

Posted by lauriel on 6/07/04 at 13:12 (152238)

Hi Dr Ed. I think you said in a recent post that arches too high for TTS can make things worse?

I had TTS surgery 12/02. I am doing much better, I also have PF and got new orthodics and the perthodists made them for this problem. I have a very flat flexible foot with overpronation. My question is is an orthodic made for TTS different than PF? My first orthotics for TTS were rigid and they had some arch. Its rigidness inflamed my arches more. My new orthodics are semi-rigid, have a very high arch I still am having trouble with and they have a seperate heel, probably 1/2 an inch. they are so much more 'clunkier' is the only way I can describe it. I am wondering why so much difference and could the old rigid orthodics could have cause my PF


Re: Question for Dr Ed Davis

Ed Davis, DPM on 6/09/04 at 09:33 (152517)

I have not seen orhtotics actually cause TTS but there is an area, in the arch at the very end of the tarsal tunnel called the porta pedis. Some feel that that is an area that should be considered as a 'separate' area of nerve entrapment calling it 'distal' tarsal tunnel. Anything, including an orthotic that places too much pressure on the porta pedis can worsen entrapment if it exists at that spot. It is important to realize that orthotics often do not have to have a high arch to work; they are not exactly like arch supports -- in fact, there are patients whom we make orhtotics for in which the devices barely come close to the arch.