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beach boys

Posted by JudyS on 6/07/04 at 19:50 (152289)

went to see the beach boys last night. the music was perfect with all the old classics in all their orginal arrangements. But, as a boomer, i noticed glaring differences quickly. Five of the seven members are probably under the age of 30, there was little of the 'clowning around' we were used to seeing way back when (in keeping with their relaxed, 'beach', persona) and the visual image, i.e., shorts and hawaiian shirts, was absent in the younger members. Mike Love, the sole original member, sounded fine to me but of course looked like a 63-year-old Beach Boy! No problem there - after all, I'm a 50-something boomer!
Anyway, the music was great - just the ambiance missing!

Re: beach boys

Pauline on 6/07/04 at 20:03 (152294)

Love the Beach Boys. You can always understand the words and come away happy. What more could you ask from a concert?

Re: beach boys

Dorothy on 6/07/04 at 20:41 (152301)

Sing with me now: Wouldn't it be nice if we were older and we didn't have to wait so long....
No, wait....we ARE older!

Re: beach boys

wendyn on 6/07/04 at 21:15 (152308)

I saw them at an outdoor concert about 14 years ago. It was a great day, and they were fantastic. I took a whole bunch of really good pictures, then I discovered that I didn't have any film in the camera.


Re: beach boys

Suzanne D. on 6/08/04 at 06:37 (152334)

How nice that you got to go to the Beach Boys Concert! There is nothing quite like their special blend of harmony - even if they didn't look the same. I like to buy cassette tapes of old groups to enjoy in the car. They can be found very cheaply these days with CDs taking over most of the market. The Beach Boys are among my favorites.

Hope your finger is feeling better!
Suzanne :)

Re: beach boys

JudyS on 6/08/04 at 10:00 (152369)

ooohhh Dorothy........low blow! :)
How about 'Fun Fun Fun'.....

Re: beach boys

Dorothy on 6/08/04 at 10:31 (152376)

I'm with you! Either way, they're fun to sing along with.
And I'm glad you realize I was just joshin' you and all of us who know the song reference!
By the way, I often sing to my husband 'When I'm 64' (the Beatles song, ya know?) and have done so for years.....until recently it dawned on me, as I get closer and closer to 64 (still a ways away, but closer than ever...) what will I sing when I AM 64??!! What does Paul McCartney sing??

Re: beach boys

john h on 6/08/04 at 10:40 (152377)

Dorothy: When you are 64 you will sing 'I Did It My Way'. or perhaps 'Go Down Moses'.

Re: beach boys

Dorothy on 6/08/04 at 14:32 (152430)

John H.

:-) :-) :-)

Or 'I Did It John's Way'....