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DOCTORS-please weigh in -Transverse Friction Massage

Posted by Elyse B on 6/08/04 at 07:46 (152343)

I would like to hear what the doctors on this board have to say about John in MN's 'cure' for his PF with transver friction massage. I know that Dr. Sandell is a chiropractor. Doctors, please weigh in on this.

Re: DOCTORS-please weigh in -Transverse Friction Massage

Ed Davis, DPM on 6/08/04 at 10:49 (152381)

I have an idea what this refers to. There are numerous massage techniques, the practitioner of which often affix names to such techniques although some would take issue with the uniqueness of each technique having a drastically different physiologic effect. The terminology implies that 'friction' is applied 'transversely' meaning running perpendicular to the fibers as opposed to parallel to the fibers.
I am not familiar with a particular knowledge base confering an advantage to either technique.