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Is morning pain 100% with pf?

Posted by Liam on 6/08/04 at 20:13 (152470)

I know on this site its mentioned that about 85% of people with pf have pain in the morning. My Pod feels that because I don't have A.M. pain, I don't have PF. He says people with pf always have morning pain.( he felt pretty strong about this)

Re: Is morning pain 100% with pf?

Joe B. on 6/09/04 at 07:16 (152494)


As I have learned from reading these boards with posts from the Doctors,
there is 'Typical Plantar Fasciitis' which is the classic symptons
of first step pain, pain on the inside of the heel, etc.. and
'Atypical Plantar Fasciitis' where the symptoms are different.

I suggest you read the Heel Pain Book on this site, and so a search
on Atypical PF. It might help.

Joe B.

Re: Is morning pain 100% with pf?

Kathy G on 6/09/04 at 08:55 (152507)

I'm not a doctor but I saw your question, Liam. Joe gave you good advice. I didn't have morning pain until about four years ago and then it appeared only on occasion; nonetheless, I have had 'atypical' PF for ten years. There are several posters who don't experience morning pain and some of us get more pain in our arches than in our heels.

PF is an odd animal!

Re: Is morning pain 100% with pf?

Dr. David S. Wander on 6/09/04 at 12:45 (152538)


I never say never, and I never say always. Most patients do present with morning pain or pain after rest, but many patients do not present 'classically'. Therefore, you may have plantar fasciitis and may want to seek a second opinion.