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sandles for shower

Posted by Jill H. on 6/09/04 at 11:42 (152528)

Does anyone know of any shower shoes? I have heard not to walk barefeet at all and after showering I can feel pain more. I guess flip flops would work but am wondering if any orthodic shower shoes exist?

Re: sandles for shower

JoAnn on 6/09/04 at 14:45 (152550)

I bought a cheap pair of rubber sandles that look like a birkenstock, it has the contour footbed. I think they were at Eckard drug or Walgreens. about $5.00. I use mine for the beach or in the yard. They work fine for me. The brand name on them is 'Pali Hawaii'.

Re: sandles for shower

Julie on 6/09/04 at 16:51 (152572)

Birkenstock do a synthetic waterproof shoe - it's called 'Birki' and is made of a material called Birkoflor (if memory serves me).

Re: sandles for shower

Suzanne D. on 6/09/04 at 19:29 (152593)

Here's a link to the Birki Pacific which I ordered:


Hope this helps,
Suzanne :)

Re: sandles for shower

Jill H. on 6/10/04 at 12:56 (152656)

Thanks - I just ordered a pair!

Re: sandles for shower

Suzanne D. on 6/10/04 at 22:12 (152703)

I am pleased with mine. I hope yours work well for you!

Suzanne :)

Re: sandles for shower

Rose on 6/13/04 at 11:50 (152880)

SAMS has Birks for about $45.00, so I have several pairs. My oldest pair I wear akround outside in the garden and they get all wet and muddy. They dry out fine and my feet feel so much better in them than anything else. They are also great around a pool or even in a shower. They dry out and have no damage I can see.