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Posted by mark g on 6/09/04 at 15:16 (152557)

docs or anyone?
had surgery to correct peroneal tendon subluxation along with tts surgery
on 02/10. in cast for 6 weeks. was told i could walk in cast immediately,
2 days after surgery. doc said i could resume snowboarding in 10-12 weeks after 4 weeks of pt.
well, that didn't happen. now i'm missing mountain bike season. i'm at 4 months and am in more pain than pre-op. constant and can spend little time on my feet. have quit all meds. just ice, stretching,
topricin cream, and lidoderm patches. minimal and temporary relief.
limited range of motion, still swollen around malleolous, pain from side of foot to heel up lower calf. constant pain in plantar fascia also behind ball to back of heel and arch, stiif toes, along with continuing tts pain.
not sure what is from tts surgery and what from tendon repair??
from what i have read the tts can take a year or longer, or never.
how about the tendon repair? what is normal recovery time?
doc wants to do injections. i don't.
any thoughts greatly appreciated! ~m~


Ed Davis, DPM on 6/09/04 at 17:07 (152574)

There are several different procedures to correct peroneal tendon subluxation -- which one did you have done? Patients with TTS surgery often see a change occurring within a few weeks but the nerve takes about 7 months total to heal.


mark g on 6/10/04 at 00:49 (152625)

thanx dr.davis
my tendons would pop over my malleolous.
i don't know the name of the procedure.
here is the operative report:
an anterolateral incision was made over the right distal fibula.
incision was carried down through the subcu. hemostasis was achieved
with electrocautery. patient had clinically as well as directly observable
tendon subluxations during evocative maneuver of the ankle. as a result, the tendon sheath was detached from the distal aspect of the fibula.
the fibula was deepened in the groove to the extent that there was no longer evidence of subluxation. there was good gliding and two G2s were
seated and the capsule was reattached and tensioned with clear visibility of the tendon. the tendons themselves were intact.
hope that helps.
the tendons aren't dislocating, but with ankle movements i feel the tension on them and they feel as if they may burst. so my range is very limited.
as for the TTS it is worse. i have a tinel's sign now where i didn't pre-op. and also have TTS symptoms in other foot minus tinel's. does compensating for the injured ankle for 2 years cause that to occur?
and does this throw off my whole biomechanics? both knees and legs ache.
along with my right hip(ankle surgery side) and back.
what can i do for progress? thank you ~mark~