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MRI or Bone Scan

Posted by char B on 6/09/04 at 19:18 (152588)

Which would be better to get MRI or Bone Scan.
Just want to know for sure what is going on in my foot.
Will they be able to tell me 100% for sure I have PF????????

Re: MRI or Bone Scan

john h on 6/10/04 at 10:21 (152637)

From all I have read neither is a 100% certainity to diagnois PF. The MRI will be good for picking up a micro fracture which an x-ray may not.but a diagnosis of PF will be the skill of the Doctor. PF can and is often misdiagnosed as there are many things that can produce PF type pain. So many Doctors do an x-ray and see a heel spur and immediately tell you that you have PF or Heelspur Syndrome. I have had this problem for 10 years and have about every diagnostic test there is but no one is willing to say I am 100% certain you have PF>