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Update on George the cat

Posted by john h on 6/10/04 at 10:09 (152632)

It has been approximately 12 weeks since George the stray cat fell about 20 feet out of a tree. His right rear leg was completely broken and he had severe tendon damage. He had very expensive surgery and I kept him in a cage for 7 weeks per the Docs instruction. George must have doubled in size as all he did was eat. He had always been an outdoor cat and went throughout the neighborhood where many of us feed him. His leg is now healed but due to the tendon damage his rear foot is turned out about 30 or more degrees so he can not jump or climb like he once did. He can jump on to the bed but that is about it. I have had to make him an indoor cat and he has joined my other two cats as a resident of the John and Mary household. He is twice as big as my other cats and has claws which they do not but he is still in fear of my little 8 lb Simaese who is king of the house. He looks like he walks like Wendy from Canada who once said she walked like a duck. I know he yearns to be outside as he stares for hours on end looking out the window but not being able to climb or run he would never survive. He is sort of like a cat with plantar fasciaitis. He runs and plays with the other cats as best he can but he is safe, not in pain, and has a good home. Mary at first said there was no way we would hve another cat in the house but I knew she would give up the ghost after she saw him pittiful limp and now he follows her all around the house.

Re: Update on George the cat

Carole C in NOLA on 6/10/04 at 10:16 (152635)

I'm glad that George is getting better and is out of the cage, now. Maybe in time he will be able to do more. Meanwhile, it sounds like he has a good life and it's great that he is no longer in pain.

Carole C

Re: Update on George the cat

Suzanne D. on 6/10/04 at 10:19 (152636)

I'm glad George has healed, John, and that he has such a good home and kind master. In time, he may become Mary's cat after following her around all over the house!

All of us with foot problems can sympathize with George's longing to go out and do what he always did. Hopefully, he will adjust and continue having a good life.

Thanks for the update,
Suzanne :)

Re: Update on George the cat

JudyS on 6/10/04 at 10:47 (152640)

Well John h, there is one lucky kitty! He may be unable to run outside but the upside is; lots of tasty treats, lots of cushions to lay around on and lots of attention!

Can I come and live with you? :)

Re: Update on George the cat

marie on 6/10/04 at 11:39 (152647)

Glad to hear George is recovering. In time he may be able to go back outside but for now he is safe and well loved. How did this kitty get the name of George. I'm thinking he was named after Curious George....one of my favorite books.

best wishes marie

Re: Update on George the cat

john h on 6/10/04 at 12:54 (152654)

There is a little girl about 10 years old a few doors from me who named him George. Her dad does not like cats so George roamed the neighborhood for several years and always made his stop at my house for love and food. I guess we all need those. When he fell out of the tree he disappeared for two weeks. I searched all over but figured he was gone forever. Then one night I came on the back deck and there he was and really in bad shape. One neighbor named him Penny Lane not knowing he was a boy. Anyway, the little girl can and does come to visit him anytime she wants. Her mother had seen George fall but did not think he was hurt.I will post a picture soon on shutterfly of George. He is all white body with a black stripped tail and black markings on his face and really really big.

Re: Update on George the cat

wendyn on 6/10/04 at 20:32 (152696)

John - I thought exactly the same thing while I was reading your post!

I thought 'Hey - that cat sounds like he walks just like I do!' Both my feet turn out, but one more than the other. Maybe 30 degrees, maybe 45.

I hope George does not have to live with too much pain.

My friend is having acupuncture done on her dog. Maybe George could give it a go.

Do they have a bulletin board for cats with feet problems?

Re: Update on George the cat

john h on 6/11/04 at 11:09 (152739)

Wendy I guess we could call his condition 'Pawitis' and we could create the pawspurs.com board. Scott r would probably sue as he seems to be on a money making kick. Once he was a humanitarian and now he is sort of a male Martha Stewart.