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suffering Plantar Fasciitis for Two Years now..

Posted by Michael Servo on 6/11/04 at 09:12 (152722)

Hello Everybody,
I was an expatriate worker here in the middle east.and my job is handling the operations of a brand name sandwhich shop in Kuwait and Iraq,We serve the U.S.military all over in these locations.
I really thank your site for the discovery that i found for my self.I was been in so many doctors recently for the pain in my heel,and always they say that it was a rheumatism,then they give a lot of medicine for it.I am curios because i am still young at my age of 28 years old,i must not have this desease(rheumatism).Suddenly today,it was my day off,i open my computer and i was surfing in a basketball website,one of the players of that team suffers from PLANTAR FASCIITIS,i read about that column and i was asking my self that i need to search this DESEASE,then i search.all of the things which are written on the sypmtoms are my symptoms too for this deasese.
I feel pain in the morning after i wake up in my heel both of it,i cannot walk even,i need a medicine for this if you can email me .it will be more appreciated.
Please this is my email address (email removed), i am in much need of the relief and to get rid of this.
I was well informed by your web site form foot taping,ice massage,rest just to cure the pain,and i think the best of all is losing wait.I am a 95 kilogram and i am having a height of 5'11',doctor told me that i am over weight,i will work out on this.
Hey guys,really you help a lot to me ,now i know what is giving me pain on my heel and on my both feet...
May god bless you all,and to those people who are suffering form this illness i do hope that they will found your website..GOOD LUCK !!


Mike Deleon Servo
Tower 14,8th flr.,Rm.08 Al Awqaf Complex
Sharq,State Of Kuwait
direct # 00965 9797884
fax # 00965 2423743
phone # 00965 2458394
email # mike _deleon_servo@hotmail.com

Re: suffering Plantar Fasciitis for Two Years now..

john h on 6/11/04 at 10:14 (152726)

Mike: I have sent you an e-mail. Hope it gets to you.


Re: suffering Plantar Fasciitis for Two Years now..

BrianG on 6/13/04 at 12:39 (152885)

Hi Mike,

Now that you know what you 'probably' have, why not print out the info you have found, and give it to your doctor. Especially the list of symptoms, which can be found in Scoot's booklet, which you can accsss from the Heelspurs home page. Most doctors will probably want to start you on an anti-inflamatory. Ask your docor if he can prescribe 800mg of Ibuprofen, 3 times a day. Just make sure you you take it with food. There are other meds available, like Vioxx, but I'm not sure if they are available in your part of the world.

Thanks for your part, in the search for peace, in that part of the globe !!


PS: I'll also cut & paste this message, and send to your hotmail account, just to make sure you see it.

Re: suffering Plantar Fasciitis for Two Years now..

john h on 6/14/04 at 09:31 (152932)

Brian: I know you are sort of the medicine guru. Have your ever tried Hydrocodone?

Re: suffering Plantar Fasciitis for Two Years now..

BrianG on 6/15/04 at 16:45 (153119)

Sorry John, late post. I have tried Hydo in the past, but I am way past that now. The main problem I see with it, is that it's not a long acting med. It's only good for acute type pain. If you try to use it for chronic pain, it'll wear off after 3-4 hours, then you pain will spike up. Take some more, the pain goes down. This yo-yo effect is not good for a chronic painer. We need a dose that will slowly be released, over a period of 8-12 hours. The 2 most common meds in this catagory are OxyContin, and MS Contin. There are others, like Methadone, and the transdermal patch, but not used as often.