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heel pain

Posted by Tim H. on 6/11/04 at 13:01 (152753)

I have had heel pain on & off for the last 6 years or so. Second Wind insoles helped for a few years, but now the pain is steady. I saw a podiatrist who made orthotics but they do not help; the podiatrist also gave me cortisone shots which also didn't help. X-rays did not reveal spurs or any other problems. When I wear Rainbow sandals, my heels don't hurt, but if I wear sneakers or shoes my heels ache when I walk. I would have little pain if I wore these sandals at all times, but they are impractical for work or sports. I have tried numerous pairs of new sneakers that always cause pain. Do I have a foot problem or an inability to find comfortable shoes/sneakers? Thank you for any help.