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Nerve entrapment

Posted by Mike M on 6/11/04 at 14:11 (152762)

Can someone please tell me what are the symptoms of nerve entrapment in the foot, and how they can be cured.Are the nerve conduction tests accurate


Re: Nerve entrapment

Dr. Z on 6/13/04 at 09:03 (152867)


Burning, numbess, radiating type pain around the ankle. There will be pain that radiates when taping on the nerve itself. Possible EMG studies are positive

Re: Nerve entrapment

Stacy D. on 6/29/04 at 21:53 (154187)

I have suffered so terribly after having bone surgery, which the doctor
completly severed my heel to reatach it in a different configuration. He
felt asurred enough to say it was 100% error free. So when afterward the
same tenderness and burning pain that so haunted me before I couldn't help
notice had not only stayed but increased severly by the time my three months of healing were up and I could walk again. He dismissed my complaints at first, after a year almost turned into two he looked at me and said RSD why had I not brought it up sooner. I know now RSD is a joke. He had to get rid of me and now I am with the best Johns Hopkins pain clinic has doped me up pretty good, I'm 24 and have found out on my own no doubt Dr. Brodi of Towson Sports Medicine never revealed at all that on the day of my surgery and the entire time I looked to him as a patient that I had Tarsal Tunnell Syndrome, very badly it seems by the size of the cyst he removed from me, giving me permanent nerve entrapment throughout the entire inside of my left foot, even in parts he should not have been. My question to you Dr is, is he to blame. I did not become crippled by myself yet no doctor I have seen will ever tell the truth. I was lucky enough to not have to sue for malpractice, I know how hard insurance has been I just want to know from somebody other than myself is Dr. Brodi to blame for ruining my life. You don't have to, I would more than appreciate a word or two back. Thank You Stacy

Re: Nerve entrapment

Pauline on 6/30/04 at 10:19 (154213)

I'm not a doctor but I think the answer you are seeking would have come in a court of law. If the statute of limitation is not up you may want to consider contacting a group like Footlaw.com or another malpractice group.

It's certainly your choice not to sue, but it still sounds to me like your looking for closure to this terrible ordeal and someone to take responsibility for your severe handicap. Can you really get it here I don't think so because all the facts are not on the table and there are no sworn testimonies.