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ESWT a good idea?

Posted by Jennifer M. on 6/12/04 at 00:42 (152800)

I've had heel pain for almost a year now. I've seen neurologists, rheumatologists, and podiatrists. My doctors aren't sure what my problem is, and I've been taking nsaids for the entire time with only mild relief. So far, all tests show normal - no nerve damage, just some arthritis on the top of my foot, my doc says because of my severe pronation. My MRI showed no inflammation of the plantar fascia, but my podiatrist has suggested I try ESWT - that it may work, but I wouldn't be worse for the wear if it didn't. BUT, I'm not so sure now. I'm scheduled for the treatment on July 9th. Has anyone had atypical heel pain, unexplained, and had this procedure be sucessful? I've been put through the ringer with tests, all very scary. I guess I'm lucky nothing is seriously wrong, but my doctors aren't really sure - they won't say I'm fine, but won't diagnose me either. Like all of us suffering, we'll try anything, but, I don't want to feel worse.

Re: ESWT a good idea?

Janice N on 6/12/04 at 06:27 (152803)

Let me say a few things about MRI. I had one of my shoulder after a car accident. It didnt show a heck
of a lot. After seven months of agony the orthopedist said he would scope my shoulder only because the pain was so bad. He got in there and found what he said was a text book picture of a bad shoulder. I saw a picture of it and the inflammation was severe. MRI can be a good diagnostic tool but lik everything not a 100 percent. You have to go on signs and symptoms too. I have said here before that I suffer from a chronic illness for 14 yrs that is very dibilitating. There are no test to diagnose this disorder. Just symptoms and ruling out others illnesses. When I first became ill I was told well you must be just depressed along with all the others who have the same thing. Just because a test doesnt show the problem or a doctor doesnt know what is wrong doesnt mean there is nothing wrong. If I didnt learn this after being a nurse for 10 yrs I have learned it as a patient the last 14 yrs. I had a rough night because I didnt take any Bextra or Motrin because my abdomen hurt so bad. Thought it might be the meds. But I had to just take some because my foot that had the ESWT almost six wks ago felt like it was burning up from inflammation. I was kind of down because my pain was much better in that foot. Just when I didnt think the anti inflammatories did anything I found I cant go without them. I had severe pain for over a yr and a half before I got any help. So dont give up. I think the ESWT was worth doing. In six wks I need it again will sure try it. Better than surgery which takes so long to get over. I have alot of arthritis on the top of my foot like you do. Hurts when it rains like everything else does. Hang in there a while longer.

Re: ESWT a good idea?

Jennifer M. on 6/12/04 at 11:02 (152818)

Hi Janice. Yeah, after a year, my docs think I might have fibromyalgia and depression. I admit that going from being a 32 year old, very fit and very physically active outdoors person, to having debilitating pain has been really difficult, I wasn't depressed when it all happened last summer. Since you'd understand, my real concern about eswt is that, if I do have something systemic, like Lupus, or rheumatoid arthritis, could I not heal well because of it. I know these are things to ask doctors, and I did ask my neurologist, but his response was that he had no idea what eswt was, and that there are crazy remedies out there, and some work, some don't. What are your thoughts on this and your own situation? After thinking it over, I think I'm going to postpone the treatment until summer is over. I'm a teacher, and this year has been, well,the worst year of my life. I would hate to have even more pain during my time off. I think I really need to enjoy the summer, even in a physically limited way, than be hold up in my house in pain.

Re: ESWT a good idea?

Janice N on 6/20/04 at 10:21 (153542)

Fibromyalgia is a nightmare just like PF. A 14 yr nightmare. It just hurts in so many more areas of the body.I had to have the ESWT. Couldn't take the pain in my feet one more hour. At least now I get some breaks from the pain in my foot compared to 24/7 pain.It was well worth the risk. Because if I didn't do this then it would have been even more of a risk with surgery. When the pain is there all the time night and day and you don't sleep and get no relief what else could be done? I know the eact day and cause of this terrible flair. It will be two yrs in Oct. when I moved from one apt to another just down the hall. Thanks to the person who didn't show up to move me and my home health provider who didn't show up either to help as she swore she would. Walking up and down these halls on concrete flooring over and over again did a great job on my feet. From that day on I was never without pain. I will forever remember the two of you not so fondly.