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open plantar surgery

Posted by jennifer on 6/12/04 at 21:22 (152847)

i had surgery on my foot 3 days ago. i had EPF surgery last year and it didnt work, i had alot of scar tissue formed and the doctor had to open my heel and remove the scar tissue and remove the bone spur also. is it safe to kinda use my toes as balance to get up and stand? im not stepping on the heel. anyone had the bone spur removed and how are you doing?
thank you for your time.

Re: open plantar surgery

Dr. Z on 6/12/04 at 21:29 (152848)

Standing on your toes can cause an injury. Maybe a pair of crutches will help you start to walk. There are many method of crutch training to handle your post-op care Discuss this with your doctor.