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Dr. Sandell Q/A Please

Posted by Gary T on 6/13/04 at 13:43 (152889)

Dr. Sandell

Could you please post why your treatment works where others fail? Why you think night splints, casts, injections, ESWT and release surgery is worthless? Many of us know about your success with John from MN but are wondering why you are successful with PF.

If I sound skeptical it is because every treatment I have tried has not worked. Please elaborate on what make you special.

Re: Dr. Sandell Q/A Please

gail on 6/13/04 at 20:03 (152905)

Hello! Gary T.:
John from MN provived us with Dr. Sandell e-mail address: (email removed). Maybe you can convince him to elaborate on his successful treatment of PF on this message board. It would be great oppurtunity for all of us who suffers of PF to learn more about this disease.
I too suffer from bilateral PF for a year now. Two months ago, I could only stand on my feet for an hour a day. Now, I am not totally cured, but can stand to be on my feet for three hours a day.

Thanks to this mesage board I don't feel so alone with this problem. I understand what others are going through. Sometimes, the people around you don't understand your dispair and discouragement due to the chronic pain.

I hope Dr. Sandell can help more people. Congratulations John from MN, isn't it wonderful to live without pain. And to you Gary T., I don't know if you have PF problems, so I wish you the best anyway.


Re: Dr. Sandell Q/A Please

elyse b on 6/13/04 at 20:42 (152907)

sorry if I posted this twice. But if anyone hears from Dr.Sandell via e-mail would they mind posting it. It would be a great help for others.

Re: Dr. Sandell Q/A Please

john h on 6/14/04 at 09:30 (152931)

Gary if the Doctor thinks all these are worthless and those are is exact words then I would be very wary of him. These procedures have not worked for some but have worked for many so it is going very far afield to use the term 'worthless' for some procedures which have some scientific evidence to demonstrate they are a viable option.

Re: Dr. Sandell Q/A Please

Gary T on 6/14/04 at 10:26 (152943)

John h

I understand your point and well taken. But after speaking with John from MN on the phone I have a much better understanding why the Doctor may say that. I don't know about you but I am looking for a permanent solution. From what I gather TFM and keeping your body aligned is permanent. The way I heard it was the standard treatment were not permanent but only gave temporary relief and was like using duck tape to patch a whole in your car as a solution to fixing your car.

I am going to sit back and see how goose's treatment is going. If she gets good results I am going to fly up to MN and see Dr. Sandell. For once, something tells me that this treatment is different and is going to work; I just want to see someone else get fixed before I get my hopes up.

Re: Dr. Sandell Q/A Please

Elyse B on 6/14/04 at 10:44 (152947)

Gary I am going to repeat what 2 physical therapists and one podiatrist said to me about TFM. Ripping the fascia and re-aligning it is very violent and that does not 'cure' it. You have to get at the root cause which is biomechanical and tight achilles which is the cause and curing it is stretching that. In their opinion, ripping and tearing just exacerbates the symptoms and inflammation. It is my feeling that if this guy has the 'cure' than he would be the richest man in America. Additionally, after reading these boards for only a short time, it seems that what works for one, does not work for another.

Re: Dr. Sandell Q/A Please

Elyse B on 6/14/04 at 10:48 (152948)

one other thing, how do you keep your body in alignment forever?

Re: Dr. Sandell Q/A Please

Place on 6/14/04 at 11:16 (152951)

I think all of this biomechanical stuff is just a little off. My biomechanics were just fine when I was training for half marathons for 10 years. I did not need special inserts or extra stretching, that explanation has never set well with me. I have to ask why would I need all of this stuff now? What has physiologically changed? What I trulyi feel is that there is something preventing my fasciitia from returning to its normal pliable state, whether it is scar tissue, chronic inflammation or tight gastroc's. I have tried the stretching my gastroc's which did not work, I have been on anti-inflammatory's off an on for two years now and that has not worked, I am left with little to explain why my feet hurt. As I do my research on TFM and the Graston technique I am more and more convinced that these therapies in conjunction with stretching are part of a very good solution.

Re: Dr. Sandell Q/A Please

john h on 6/14/04 at 11:37 (152953)

I am really not sure what 'body alignment' is. It is a term often used by Chriopractors. As we age it is normal for our spine to degenerate, loss of muscle, loss of fat pad on feet, bone loss, etc. Our bodies are in a constant change.

I have a friend who is 72 years old. He is wiry and stiff as a board. He is also in the Arkansas Runners Hall of Fame. He still runs in the major marathons such as Boston, NYC, and Dallas. He runs by my house every morning. You cannot believe how stiff he is. I sometimes might place my leg waist high on a rail to stretch the hamstring and he looks at me says he could never lift his leg that high. He is like a machine when he runs. Short choppy steps and he is still winning races in the 50 age group. Zero flexability. Some sort of enigma.

Re: Dr. Sandell Q/A Please

john h on 6/14/04 at 11:49 (152955)

I would speculate that way to many people are in orthotics but do recognize our feet do take a pounding over a lifetime and changes occur not only from aging but from injury. Having said this there is a place for orthotics in my opinion but they are much overused and in some cases to the detriment of the patient. Good shoes with good support may prevent injury such as PF. Probably genetics plays a role in all this. Some professional athletes such as basketball players wear orthotics as a preventive measure. People's feet and bodies can and do adjust to strange biomechanics. Just pay attention to people who walk in front of you. All seem to have a different walk. Knock knee, pidgen toe, feet roll in and some roll out. You would think some would surely have horrible foot problems but their bodies have adjusted. Some however do not adjust to changing conditions. I went from running 5-10 miles a day on flat ground to running up hills and increased distances. My body (feet) did not adjust. There is no one size fits all with PF>

Re: Dr. Sandell Q/A Please

Elyse B on 6/14/04 at 12:00 (152956)

Place, I wish I knew the answers. I just think TFM sounds so very violent, ripping the fascia? I will let you guys know tomorrow morning as I have my first graston and TFM treatment tonight from the 'quack' who charges $185. If it works he is a genius, if he is not, well I wasted more money on this insidious thing.

Re: Dr. Sandell Q/A Please

HilaryG on 6/14/04 at 12:10 (152958)

Elyse- I was just wondering if you ever followed through on ART. Mine is covered by insurance. Just a thought. Hilary

Re: Dr. Sandell Q/A Please

Elyse B on 6/14/04 at 12:35 (152960)

I did do the ART, which was covered by insurance. ART and TFM are very, very different. I did not see much difference with ART but I suppose I could have stuck with it for more than a month or two. Hilary are you doing it and how are you doing? I will send something I found on the internet.

Re: Dr. Sandell Q/A Please

HilaryG on 6/14/04 at 12:45 (152964)

Elyse- I am doing great, but only if I keep up the ART. I have to admit the TFM does sound interesting. I would love to not have to go for any treatments ever again and just be finished with this PF once and for all. I feel great like Isaid, but only if I go for an ART treatment at least every 1 or 2 wks. I live in the Woodstock, NY area, so I doubt there's anyone here who could do TFM. But if you find anyone in the city, maybe I'd stay with my Mom in Queens for awhile and give it a try. However I thought that you might want to give ART more of a try since I too have Atypical PF it it worked wonders on me. And my chiro said it is a permanent fix for most people. Hilary

Re: Dr. Sandell Q/A Please

Elyse B on 6/14/04 at 13:44 (152968)

HIlary, there is only one guy in the City I think who does ART that accepts my insurance. Everyone else is full price. I guess I should have stuck with it. I am happy you are doing great. I wish I could say the same. One would think that in Woodstock, land of the 'hippies' someone would be able to do TFM. All massage therapists say they can
'do it' but can they really? I am not sure who or what to believe any longer. I grew up in Queens, why don't you e-mail me offline to chat. (email removed)

I am not sure the guy who did my ART was so 'great.' This is a full time job and I need another full time job to pay for all these treatments. My goal is to be running again shortly. Hope spring eternal?